Thursday, 28 April 2011

Geo Super Ultra Black

Geo Super Ultra Black Review & Pics

Im not sure what it was, I had bought about....umm....5 pairs of lenses I think, when I suddenly wanted a black pair! They were very much an impulse buy while honeycolor was having a sale, but I had thought about trying out a black pair anyway.
I went with these mainly due to the price (they were a cheaper choice of the black ones), the simplicity (I have yet to try a pattern pair) and the fact thet they were GEO and I seem to get on with geo lenses more than others. Plus, I had already bought a pair of super nudys, so im all about the bigger the better with lenses (pfft XD) AND they are highly recommened where ever I went.

Firstly, as with all my buys from honeycolor, I am very happy with them, price and delivery was fab And Secondly as with all my GEO buys, I am very very happy with them aswell haha.
 Im a tiny bit shocked at how much I like these lenses, They are really confy, as I have found all GEO lenses, and the size at 14.8 mm is fine for me. The look is just amaze, really drastic, and great contrast beetween the deep black and my own eye.

Normal light Top
With Flash Bottom
Flash A Little Closer

I think the pictures don't give them full justice, they do blend a little better than in the pictures in normal light, but it is a little more obvious in alot of light
However, I think I do have quite light brown eyes, due to the green, but I still really like the way they look, perfect for a dramatic look or a cosplay <3

IN ALL I give these lenses 8/10
The -2 is only really cos they are so shocking on me personally they arn't the kind of thing I could just wear around, more for a shocking look or a cosplay
I got mine from >< , where I get most of my lenses, as always im very happy with them. Fast delivery, great prices and a good amount of choices.

Product Info:
Color: Glack
GEO Super Ultra Black Cirle Lens

BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.8 mm
Water content:  38%

Also Comes In A Smaller Size: Geo Ultra Black (CK-105)

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