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Pop & Pixi Make-up

 Pop & Pixi Make-Up Haul
Review & Swatches

Note From Website
Primes & Seals eye shadow - Enhances the color of your eye shadow and keeps it in place for hours. Just mix with any powder eye shadow for super long lasting, water-resistant finish.
Glow - Apply on bare skin for gorgeous highlight and glow with a hint of the color of your choice. You will keep glowing all day and all night!
Eyeliner creator - Mix with any powder shadows, glitter or loose color pigments to create liquid eyeliner that will stay on and on and on. Line and define your eyes with this amazing eyeliner creator! 

Note From Me
Ok I Don't Use Primers Normally, So This Was Just An Impulse Buy. From What I've Seen Most Primers Are More Of A Cream, But This Is Quite Runny. It Is Almost Clear, With Gold Specks In It
Not Much To Say, Other Than When I Have Used It My Eye Shadow Hasn't Cresed And I Haven't Had To Touch It Up, So It Does Do The Job =D
Also It Says To Mix With Shadow, But L Didn't Do This, I Just Dabbed It On My Eye, But It Still Seemed To Work! Haha
Will Also Givr It As A Try as A Highlighter, And A Base Under Bronzer ^_^

RRP: £6.50
I Bought: £2.00

Note From Website
Line, lid & light! Making eye shadow application fool proof, true POP style! Available in 8 different colour combinations, each kit contains a trio of coordinated shades and glazes that light up the face. Instructions are easy to follow and execute on your own. The triple milled pigment formula blends seamlessly without fading or creasing and the formula is oil absorbing, perfect for that oily lid syndrome!  

 << No.2 Chelsea - Light Pink >> <<No.5 Notting Hill - Rich Mocha >>

<<No.6 Angel  - Soft Blue >> << No.8 Belsize Park  - Soft Green >>

Eye Pop Trio Application - Apply medium tone directly to lid. Use darker shade in the crease and along lash line. Sweep the lightest shade over browbone and dust into corner of eyes.

No.2 Chelsea
Light Pink

No.5 Notting Hill
Rich Mocha

No.6 Angel
Soft Blue

No.8 Belsize Park
Soft Green

 Note From Me
I Really Like These! I Only Bought The 4, But Wish I'd Bought More!  It's Perfect For Make-up Pro's AND For Beginners, Or People Who Arn't Sure How To Contour. What I Mean Is If You Are New To Make-up Or New To Contouring And Highlighting Your Eyes These Offer The Base Colour, The Dark Colour Used For Contouring And Lining, And The Lighter Colour Which You Use In The Iner Corners, Bottom Lid And High Points Of You Eyes =D.
The Colours Are Really Rich, And The Shadow Itself Has A Lovely Consistency. Stays Well, And The Cases Are So Cute.

RRP: £12.00
I Bought: £3.50

Pixi Bronze Powder & Energy Blush


Pixi Bronze Powder
Note From Website
What it is:
A deluxe bronzing powder to boost your natural colouring.
What it is formulated to do:
Gives your complexion the warmth and luminosity of naturally sun kissed skin. It hydrates skin as you wear it, is oil-controlling and protects against free radicals. It comes with a perfect mini bronzer brush for easy streak free application.
Beneficial Ingredients and what they do:
1. Vitamin E: Generally considered to be the most potent antioxidant with the highest vitamin bio-activity.
2. Titanium Dioxide: Natural mineral with SPF factor.

Note From Me
The Pixi Bronze, The Third Bronze I've Ever Bought, And Probs The One I Will Use Most! I Bought The Lightest Of Three Shades And It Comes With A Mirror, And My Fav Thing About It (Easy To Please XD) It Was A Cute Little Draw A With A Brush In It!
 It Has A Lovely Light Feel, And It's Perfect For Bronze, A Light Dust of Gold Or Even A Bit Of Contouring Under Blush.

RRP: £12.80
I Bought: £6.50

Pixi Energy Blush
Note From Website
Pixi Energy Blush:
Cheek colour and glow highlighter in pick-me-up and wake-up colours.
What it is formulated to do: 
designed to transform you from tired to on-top of the would
. Nothing brightens and awakens the face like a flattering  blush and highlighter for that  healthy night and day look
 Beneficial Ingredients and what they do: 
1. Vitamin E: Nourishes skin and delays the aging process. 2. Silica: Skin conditioning and softening ingredient. 3. Carnauba Wax: Prevents the powder from ever looking cakey on the skin. 4. Titanium Dioxide: Natural mineral with SPF factor. 5. Ultramarines: Natural Mineral pigments that add luster and colour.

Note From Me 
Love This Aslwell XD. It Has A Great Colour And Again, Consistency. Its Not As 'Pop' Pink As I Would Normally Like, But For A Standard Blush It's Fab And Has The Added Bonus Of A Highlighter. Comes With Its Own Little Blush Brush In The Draw like The Bronze And A Mirror.
The Blush Has A Little Gold Sparkle To It, While The Highlighter Is More Matte. Love ~<3

RRP: £11.20
I Bought: £6.50

This Was Not A Sponcored Post
I Bought All These Items, BRAND NEW

☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆

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