Saturday, 12 January 2013

Coastal Scents

Coastal Scents 88 Palette
Shimmer & Matte
Eyeshadow Mania! Review & Swatches

For eyeshadow lovers, 88 bright and blod colours in 1 palette, hmm about the size of 2 dvd cases next to each other (maybe a little smaller)

So the coastal scents have a number of '88' eyeshadow palettes including Shimmer, Matte & Warm (I don't have the warm) & more
They also have a number of blush, contour, lip & more
Now they also do a 'make your own' (which I have not looked into in great detail but will do now!)
  And just a huge range of make-up

Shimmer Shadows

Matte Shimmers
::Shimmer TOP Matte BOTTOM::

For such large palettes they have a decent quality. These are so handy to have so many colours in one palette so for super colourful make-up looks or up to costume looks these are a must, instead of having millions of pots around XD

The Matte has bold colours, although I didn't use a primer they are very strong so would be even better with a primer. And the shimmer has a very subtle glitter to them, well just a 'shimmer'. Very pretty!
Of course the biggest perk to this is just the ammoutn of different colours, I dare anyone to not find one colour they like XD

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