Friday, 8 February 2013

Pastel Hair Anyone?

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And then onto that?

I change my hair ALOT! But I always try to keep it in top condition. I get asked alot how I do my hair, so I wanna do a post not only on how I do my hair or rather how to get 'pastel hair' in general, but also how to look after it while dying it lighter.
I did my roots last night and I am planning on showing you how I do it, but I used a NEW product I hadn't used before so wanted to test it out first cos im good to you guys like that XD
In my NEXT POST I will try my best to do a full tutorial on how I will get my next hair colour, how I got it in the right condition to do so AND how I keep it as best I can ^_^
Also showing or explaining how I use the drug store hair dyes, what best to use for different types of hair (ie. black black hair to quite light brown hair) & how to lighten your hair NATURALL
And of course how to get that pastel hair that is just so lush!
 The thing is, im not really sure what I want to do next. I definitely wanna keep the mint green in it as it really does agree with me and my skin tone, but have ended up so blonde I can play around a bit XD
So maybe thinking i will go for something like the Green & Pink (above) or the blonde to green (below)
If theres anything you want to know//ask please comment below and I will answer/address it in th post if I can ^-^
I get alot of 'how can I get it from my black hair?' and 'what do you use?'

☆ Thank You For Reading ☆


  1. Awesome post! Your hair is so pretty and it looks in amazing condition! I can't wait to read your other posts and tutorials about this, I used to have pastel hair but then i let it all grow out to my natural colour to give it a rest but now I really want my pastel back haha

    1. Thanks hunni! Im sooo grateful for all your comments =D
      Yes I do my best to keep it well, I've been dying it since I was about 17 so I hope I can give help to others.
      Lush what colour did you have? Yeah I did that when I has mine silver some years ago, it is work to keep it up but recently i've gotten such great colours out of it and it's so easy to change, like from pink to purple to blue and so on that im keeping up =-p
      Yes that would be amazing! I've learnt some new ways in the last year of less harsh ways of getting it to blonde/white so hopefully I will inspire you to jump in to! hehe
      Gunna do it tonight! Now i've decided what to do with it XD