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Circle Lens Love - GEO Big Grang Grang Choco

GEO Big Grang Grang Choco
Review, Pictures & Video
 I know, I promised this quite some time ago and I haven't done a lens review for a while so I am very sorry everyone, please forgive me 
But here it is finally, a review for GEO Big Grang Grang in Choco
I am so excited, I have actually wanted these lenses for a looong time and I finally got them; and I couldn't be happier!
♦ Origin: Korea ♦
♦ Diameter :  15.0mm ♦
♦ Water Content : 38% ♦
♦ Base Curve :  8.7mm ♦ 
♦ Life Span : 1 year disposal ♦ 
Product Info: 
Color: Brown & Choco 
Brand: GEO 
Type: GEO Big Grang Grang Choco WHC-246
Produc Link:  Here
 So first off i'll start comes in 2 colours Brown & Choco, the Choco being darker and each comes in 2 sizes. The normal ones are 14.2mm and the big are
The ones I got were the Choco BIG, mainly because I love big lenses. The first pair I ever bought were neo celeb blue and the second were GEO tri colour in green and they were both 'normal' sized lenses and after having them I really wanted bigger, so now I don't get smaller or normal sized lenses. I just love the look you can from them, really the whole reason I would wear them is the 'doll eye' effect and the bigger lenses get it alot more

So i'll get the nitty gritty out the way
Came in, box, lens look like.........
 All real geo lenses have GEO stickers

 <- Outside // Inside ->
When putting in circle lenses most are obvious which is the outside and which is the inside. With these the outside has a dark ring but not all are so clear. In these cases you can hold the lens like a bowl on your index finger and look at the shape. If it is the right way it will be very bowl shaped, however if it is inside out the bowl shape would have an outward lip.

The Lenses!

 I love them! I love the look and they are really comfy. I did have a rough day but thats because I hadn't slept all night and I don't advise wearing lenses if you haven't slept but I got through with the help of eye drops. But the lenses themselves were so comfy, GEO ones always are but considering how big they are they were even more comfy than most.
The look that I thought i'd get when I bought them is exactly what I got and they really arn't 'right in your face'. The inner blend is really nice and the outer ring isn't black but dark brown so it isn't so shocking

 They easily have bumped something off my fav lens list

 < Above - Natural light // Below - Flash Light >

Close Ups
 Outside / Natural Light
 Inside Light
 Really I suppose my eyes are a light to medium hazle (the inner being brown and the outer of my eye is green). Even so I found they blended really well. My preferred lenses have dark outlines but are 'blurred' and the inner bit because they blend into the natural colour. If i'd have gotten the brown shade instead of the choco they probs would have blended even better, but I do prefer to have the darker outer ring.


 Let's Compare 

 <-- With // Without -->
It has a really nice enlargement! I love biiig lenses and you can tell I am wearing them, but it not like IN YOUR FACE!! IM WEARING LENSES!
But don't forget if you like the look but think they might be too big for you or your worried how big these are that they also come in Grang Grang which are 14.2mm, the ones im wearing are the big Grang Grang which are 15.00mm
Natural Light
With Flash

<-- Video coming soon -->
Please Watch In HD
As usual everything arrived quickly, safe and with nice surprises! Incuding the free gifts <below> 
Plus I love the little boxes the lenses always come in
Not only are they super cute, they are really snug in there so no rolling around, and I guess as the little jars are glass they could smash in the post so ultra protected!
Infact I did get a box once that looked a big squashed, which im sure happened in the post but the lenses inside were fine.
And as you can see there were some mystery boxes
They were free gifts from loveshoppingholics for doing reviews for them but instead of keeping them to myself they are going to be part of the upcoming giveaway, to spread the circle lens love!

I cannot speak for every single order made and I AM NOT sponsored by loveshoppingholics so im not just saying these nice things for them, but I really do love shopping from this store I have yet to be let down over the 3+ years i've ordered from them so if you are going to shop for circle lenses please consider them

☆ I Hope You Enjoyed, Thank You So Much For Reading ☆


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! =D I really like them and wish i'd gotten them sooner =p

  2. Super pretty! They suit you a lot and i LOVE the colour too. i've never shopped with this company before but I might try them after reading this.
    Great review!!!

    1. Thank you!! =D
      Yeah I really like this store, plus they have alot more than circle lenses to offer & shipping cost & shipping time for UK is really good ^_^

  3. I really like these lenses.. they look lovely on you!

    1. Me to im really happy with them and would recommend them ^_^
      Thank you so much!! ~<3

  4. Those lenses look so natural :D
    It looks amazing on you<3 (:

    1. Thsnk you so much for your comment!
      I am really happy with them, and thats lovely of you to say, thank you!

  5. Do you know of any other lens with a similar effect? The 14.2mm Grangs Brown are great but make my eyes a little too big (my eyes are small) - so I would like to have the same colour/effect in a pair without the enlargement effect. Thanks!!

    1. Hello belinda-tang! Thank you for your comment ^_^
      Hmm thats a toughy cos I amways want bigger ones, and im not sure if you will get the EXACT same effect but I always love and GEO lenses that I try so start there
      Here is a link to 4 GEO lenses that are similar to the Grang but a much smaller 14.00mm, plus a little more 'natural' so maybe you wouldn't notice as much ^_^
      A huge hit, GEO Nudy ~

      Never tried but look lovely, GEO Fresh Brown ~

      Maybe a bit more like the grang, GEO Bella ~

      Always hear good things about these plus a darker ring, GEO Angel ~

      I really hope this has helped
      Jo Tokyo ~<3

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    Enjoy and stay pretty : )