Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Barbie Eye Super Nudy Brown

Barbie Super Nudy
Review, Video Review & Pics

Ok Here We Go Another Circle Lens Reveiw. I Promise I Will Do Some Make-Up Next! Hehe.

I Do Really Like These Lenses (Again Haha). They Blend So Well With My Natural Eye, But Still Have A Fab Enlargement And I Love To Have Lenses With A Dark Ring, But These Have A Thinner Ring For Those Who Are A Little Scarred Of Being Stopped In The Streets (Joke =p). They Are Just A Little More Natural, But Still Maintain The 'Dolly Eye' Look That I Love Lenses For!

I Also Think They Are Fab For Day Looks, And Cosplay!! They Give Off That Cute Eye Look 100%, Without The Shock Of Huge Eyes! Love Them.

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With Flash

Natural Light
I Find These Lenses....Um....How Should I Put It, I've Never Put Lenses In Before That I Then Didn't Think Were There! Popped Them In, And It Was Like I Didn't Have Any Lenses in At All. However, I Would Normally Have Lenses In A Little Longer Before I Would Have To Start Using The Eye Drops. But I Personally Don't Mind Using Eye Drops, I Carry Them With Me when Im Wearing Lenses And They Are Still Very Comfy, More So Than Others I Have Worn!
IN ALL I give these lenses 9/10
I Love The Way These Lenses Not Only Blend To My Natural Ey But Still Totally Have The Dolly Look, With A Thin Ring Around The Edge (Rather Than A Thick Rim Like The Candy/King), So They Look A Little More Natural! The -1 Is Only Cos I Have A Couple Lenses I Like The Look Of A Little More, And The Eye Drop Thing BUT That Could Just Be Me Cos I Do Have Very Tierd Eyes So Most Would Be Ok ^_^
I Bought These Lenses From
I found The Prices They Have Are Great, And Shipping Was Super Low To Me In The UK. Also Delivery Was Super Fast PLUS They Give You Free Lens Cases AND A Free Gift, The More You Order The More They Send You. And I Have Never Gotten A Thank You Card Before, Super Sweet
All In All The Site For Me Gets A 10/10.
I Also Bought A Super Cute HelloKitty My Beauty Diary Mask, So Lush. Will Deffo Buy More From Here

Product Info:
Color: Brown, Blue, Green, Purple & Pink
Type: Japan Barbie Eye
Origin:  Japan
Usage Modality:  Yearly
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  16.00 mm
Water content:  38%
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