Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Shopping Haul

 Popped Into Superdrug

Looking For Matte Lipstick Mainly, But Couldn't Find One ='[
Instead Found These, A Lipstick, Lip Stain And Lip Liner.

 Maybelline N.Y - 742 Luminous Beige

As Im Really Starting To Get Into Gyaru Make-up I Decided I Needed A Beige And A Peach Lipstcil (im still looking for one I like), But As I've Said Before Im So Funny About What I Put On My Lips. So After Swatching Every Lipstick In The Place (23!!) I Liked This The Most.
It Has A Nice Natural Look, Not Too Much For Me, Plus It Has A Nice Shine Finish, But Again Not Too Much. And I Don't Feel Like Wiping It Off As Soon As I Put It On, So It's Really Nice Haha =p

 NEW Revlon 'Just Bitten' Lip Stain&Balm In 'Forbidden

I've Wanted A Lip Stain for Ages, But Others I Have Come Across Have Been Just Too Bright For Me! So When This Came Out I Was Excited To See If I Could Get A More Natural Look, And I Was Right, Really Does Give A Slight Colour, As You Can See In The Pic.
<-- One Coat - Two Coats - Three Coats -->
So The More You Use, The Darker
All In All I Really Like This, It's A Lovely Color And In The End Feels Like Your Just Wearing A Balm, But You Get The Colour ^_^

Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner

I LOOKED EVERYWHERE For A Matte Lipstick, But As I Said There Just Wasn't One, So Instead I Picked Up This, It's A Pencil But One Of Those Twist Ones. I Like To Have A Matte Look And Its A Little Pinker Than Shown In The Pic, Plus I Didn't Have A Lip Pencil So Will Come In Handy

And Cos I Just Can't Help Myself Another Barry M (you guys don't know yet but im so addicted to barry m nail polish! I'll show you XD)
But In My Defence I Have Been After This One For Ages, Blue Moon
The Purple/Lilac Nail Is OPI: Pirates Of The Caribbean - Steady As She Rose ((NEXT POST))
☆ Thank You For Reading ☆


  1. Kinda of really wanting that lip stain! (I don't like bright lips either T0T) And that is such a gorgeous shade nailvarnish *0*

  2. Yes if you don't like bright colours (I DO NOT Wear Hot Pink Lipstick XD XD) I suggest this!! If you go over and over it gets darker, but the one layer is lush! And I think the Forbidden was the best, but I was unable to test the rest a couple did look bright.

    And yes, I Love it! Been after it for ages, im also after the 4 ice cream shades, I have the Lemon ice cream XD But I could easily go in and by 10 at a time haha