Monday, 27 June 2011

Kawaii Nails

So I Was Going To Do My Nails Anyway, So I Thought I'd Make It A Post/Tutorial Kinda Thing. Not Sure If You'll Like, But I Love Reading/Watching Other People Doing These =D

Just A Simple Look. Not Very Deco, But I Did Add The Pearl Jems, So Maybe It Counts. AND I Had 'Kawaii' In Mind! hehe

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I Applied 2 Coats Of LUCIDarling Sparking Rose Pink, Then A Layer Of Eyeko 'Petite' Polish On All Fingers But The Second In From The Pinky On Each Hand.
Then On The Left Hand On The Spare Finger I Put Two Layers Of Eyeko 'Vintage' Polish And On The Right Eyeko 'Lilac' Polish.
Make Sure Each Layer Is Dry Before Adding Another! Otherwise You Will Suffer Later In The Process.

Then With Barry M Matte White (Use Any Matte White, Or Even Better A French Tip Pen, Which I A Going To Get After Makeing This! Hehe), In A Diagonal I Added White To The Ends, But On The Thumbs I Kinda Did A French Tip, But Sharp.
The Problem With White Nail Polish Is, I Find It Clumps Really Badly, Like Its Drying While Your Putting It On! So To Get It Right I Had To Put It On Thick, Which Means It Doesn't Dry Properly.  I Fixed It Up In The End, But For Sanity Purposes I Advise (And I Will Do This) Buying A French Tip Pen, Or Acrylic (I Hear Its Better For This)

Gem Wheel
These Ones Are Pearled Gems
You Can Get These In Loads Of Places, But I Got Mine On Ebay. I Use Them For Nails And just To Deco Everything I Can XD

Then With A Toothpick, Of Nail Art Tool (Don't Have One Yet XD), If You Just Wet The End ou Can Pink Up The Gems. I Got The Hang Of It Really Quickly, It's Easy =D

I Used These To Line The White Line, And The The Middle Of The Thumb I Added A Bow.

And On The Purple And Green Nail I Added A Pink Pearl
To Get Them To Stick, Put A Line Of Nail Glue, Or I Just Used The Clear Top Coat Nail Polish.
When Your Putting The Gems Into The Glue Or Clear Polish, Put A Tinny Bit Of Pressure On Them With Your Finger, But Don't Press Too Hard, As The Polish/Glue Will Make The Polish Underneath Wet, And If You Push Too Hard It Will Slide! You Also Have A Little Wiggle Room To Move Them A Bit Before They Get Tackey.

So Far So Good =D

Then I Added LUCIDarling Glittering White  To The Ends.
Again, Make Sure Everything Is Dry Before You Start The Nect Thing.

Bit Closer. They Enlarge Aswell

Lastley Add The Top Coat, And Done! I Find If You Add Another Top Coat Everyday It Lasts Longer, But If You Going To Do That Only Add A Thin Layer, Or The Pearls Will Move About!

For Any Questions Just Comment ~<3
☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆


  1. It's definitely very sweet. Love the pearls!

  2. nice nails! i should really consider getting s gem and fimo cane wheels to expand my nail art interest. this is such a classic with the white pearls! followed you from malaysia ;)

  3. Those look gorgeous! I love it :) You're blog is so adorable <3

    Please comment/follow my blog &
    I'll definitely return the favor :)

  4. i know only a few people who do their nails, you give so much attention to details. which is nice!:) good job on the nails. :) totally cute!

    im following you now! hope you could come visit my blog and maybe follow back? :) i would be very grateful! :) looking forward to your posts! :)

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