Saturday, 20 August 2011

Love From Tokyo Giveaway !!UPDATE!!

Hello Sweeties! Im So Sorry There Haven't Been Updates For A While, I Don't Know If You Read The Facebook Update But I've Been Knocking On Deaths Door (maybe a little over the top XD), Not Right At All. Also I Found Out The Beginning Of August Im Going To Move The Start Of September. So End Of The Month Is Gunna Be A Nightmare, Haven't Done Anything Yet Apart From See My New House, Which I Had To Be Dragged Around Haha!
 But I've Got A Treat For You Beautiful People!
As An Appology For No Updates For A Little While And To Celebrate Almost Hitting 50 Followers
............Well Here

Along With The Lenses (~Details In Previous Giveaway Post~)
Animal Lens Case (~Came With Lenses~)
HiphopCandy Bookmark x2
HiphopCandy Phone Charm
HiphopCandy Badge (~I Bought This For The Japan Relief After The Tsunami~)
(~All Bought By Me From >> <<~)

Pretty&Cute Hime Lashes! (~Came With My Purchase From >> Pretty& << But I'll Give To You~)
Super Cute Sticker Page (~Bought While I Was Out (Haul Coming Soon)~)
AND !! OH MY GOD !! If By The Time This Giveaway Ends This Blog Has 50 Followers I Will Add THIS!

Cute Right?
Megurine luka Phone Strap, Brand New And Bought Myself, I Had A Pack Of 3 So One For The Winner

Good Right?? Wern't Expecting That When You Entered!

Due To The Extra Prizes I Will Allow People Who Have Entered To Make Extra Entries, But You Don't Have To If You Don't Want To. Or You Can Even Name People You Have Refered To The Site. Lets Get It Up To A Happy 50! 9 To Go~~~<3
Thanks Sweeties ~<3


On This Date I Will Announce The Winner And Mail That Person. If By The Announcement There Are 50 Blog Followers The Megurine lukaWill Be Included

If By 31st Of August The Winner Has Not Responded I Will Choose Another Winner.

Love To You All ~<3

☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆


  1. nice blog.

  2. Making a new entry XD Took awhile but aren't I glad i'm done :3

    Name:Fernando Palacios
    Facebook Name:Fernando Palacios
    Website Name:A K I T O

    Links To Re-Posts:




    Google Buzz:






    I think that's all I can do XD .Will I hope some of those even count and goodluck to everyone else !BTW on the youtube one i posted it as a bulletin so if it doesn't count then don't count it ^^