Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Shopping Haul

I Love Shopping XD

Hi Guys! As said in my last post im sorry there haven't been any posts recently. So im just gunna a couple hauls in one post. I went shopping aaages ago and fell ill before I had a chance to put them up, then some are from a couple days ago, so here goes ^_^

~ Haha yes! MORE Barry M Nail Polish =3 ~

~ Barry M Instant Nail Effects Blue Print (With Bary M Grey) ~

I wasn't too into getting a shatter type polish when they came out, I wasn't too keen on the effect. Plus I wasn't seeing any nice colors. But as I was there gertting polish I saw this blue which I did think was a good color so I thought i'd give it a try.
The effect is as you heard. Pop it on, one coat, dry super quick and as it dries it cracks. I like that its a quick and easy way to have 2 colors on one nail, and I suppose with a nice range of color polish and crackle polish you could get quite a colorful hand. On the other hand you have no control of the effect, which may sound odd to most but I spend alot of time on my nails and have gotten into all kind of patterns and I put pearls and deco on my nails and all sorts and I have a huge amount of control over how it looks, if that makes sense haha.
In all im as I was before I bought it, it's ok for me, but maybe you would love it, and I think Barry M would be a good one to try. The color is really nice, and it dried very quickly. I Would like to try the pink Barry M does aswell and I plan on getting the OPI halloween set they are doing this year which has a mini black crackle in it, so I will get to try that aswell.
I will say that if you try this (or probs all crackle type polish) please make sure the bottom layer of polish is 100% dry and set, or you'll find that the crackle will almost pull the bottom layer along with it as it rapidly dries.


Peach Melba

Lemon Ice Cream 

(already had)

Blue Moon 

(already had)

Strawberry Ice Cream

Berry Ice Cream




 Im so glad I finally found these colors! I've known about the ice cream range for a while now and was looking for them everywhere. As you know from my previous Barry M Polish post I had the Lemon, and I am still after the last in the line, blueberry ice cream,  but I am so happy with these. The beautiful pale pastel colors were just what I wanted, and I was yet to own a decent cute pink polish and I love them! Also, the peach melba was one I was after for ages since I was it on Style Suzi's blog and love it, another beautiful pastel, and along with the blue moon that I found and bought only a few weeks ago I have a handful of beautiful pastels! LOVE

~ New Powder, Maybelline Dream Matte Powder 01 & Maybelline Concealer 01 ~
do not buy Maybelline at all apart from the powder that I have been buying for years. Im still not 100% happy with it, but all others I have tried I have hated, so I just stuck to one I knew I could manage, If you have any recommendations for powder you love and think it works really well please make a comment =D (I prefer pressed but would try loose, and must be very lightm I use 01, and the 01 Concealer I bought is a tiny bit too dark but I know how to work it XD)
I Just got the concealercos I needed a new one and just grabbed it with the powder =p

~ No.7 Concealer 01 ~

Um, I actually did my shop, and paid, and then they handed me a coupon for £5 off No.7! So I just though that I might as well just do it there and then, cos I never use the coupons! So wandered over and picked this up....so glad I did! Really nice, good color and creamy feel, blends so well into my skin. Love

 ~ Maybelline Color Sensational Shine 602 ~

Haha no really I don't buy Maybelline, they were just having a 3for2 on all Maybelline so I picked this up, looked a decent color. Not 100% keen, don't know why. Maybe it looks a little weak on color wise, more shine maybe but it is still nice with a nice feel on the lips and easy application.

!!! Impulse Buy !!!
~ Vera Wang - Lovestruck ~

Such A Pretty Perfume! I knew about the Vera Wang perfumes but never smelt them, so while passing I saw the princess perfume and stopped for a sniff (teehee) and.....no, just no. I liked the punk princess but this was much more for me! Not really sure how to describe a perfume smell, but it's good have a sniff when ur in a store XD

~ Hobby Craft ~

I LOVE Hobby Craft! I could spend hours and hours there. I didn't really go in for anything, but picked up these =D. An A3 sketch book, some graphics pens and a value pack of box thingys. Haha my brains not working atm.

It's a value pack of boxes with compartments in them! I was looking everywhere for one cos I wanted one for lashes, but there was this value pack which worked out really well cos now I have one for lashes, one for deco stuffs and one for gems =D. Super handy!

<-- This one for deco gems and // This one for traveling maybe -->

Seperate sections for my deco collection =D
This isn't all lof it just an example XD, But im always picking up new stuff
**Top Tip Time**
You have a piece of jewellery, a ring or necklace and the main part/pendant falls off! OH NO!
Don't throw it away! Use it as deco =D

((example pic))

I was happy to get plain ones cos im gunna decoden them up =D

~ House Of Frasier, Paperchase ~ 
I was actually standing outside a shop waiting for my mum, when a display caught my eye! Arn't they pretty! I deffo want to buy more of these.

~ Super Super Pretty Bookmarks ~

~ Super Cute 'Bag Buddy' & Lush Stickers That I Bought For The Giveaway ~

~ Dunno What You Call This, Paper Tidy. Super Hot Pattern ~

~ Inside ~

~ WHSmith ~ 

I popped into WHSmith cos I heard they did these fab desk tidy draw things! Um it's like a box with a couple draws in it with beautiful designs on them, super lush I got a cupcake one. I also picked up these, a new 'idea book' cos I always need something to write stuff in or I forget it and a cute pen =D

The inside with one of my new bookmarks

~ HMV ~
~ New Incubus Album - If Not Now When ~
~ Naruto Shippuden Movie ~

Omg Incubus have been my fav band for years and years and years! And its the only band I will go and scout out new cd's when I get a chance! So had to go pick that up, and was hoping HMV would have the new Dir en grey CD (cos they had it on the website) but had only just sold the last one they had (out of 2!! WTF!! Stock more =/) but im gunna order online =D.

So to cheer myself up I picked up the Naruto movie! I actually haven't seen this yet cos during that slow bit of naruto where there were all the fillers I went so off itso haven't watched it since or seen any naruto shippudenyet. But I do like naruto and it was £3 so i'll watch and like it and eventually go back and watch naruto where I picked up!

A Good Shop =D

Don't forget to take a look at the updates for the giveaway!

☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆

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