Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss - 152 Pearl
Dior Rouge - 361 Pink Baiser
  Review & Swatches

 I do not splash out on designer brands as much as I would like XD. I am a designer perfume fiend but make-up wise its for birthdays, x-mas and ummm when they happend to catch me walking through Debenhams! Haha yeah I am bad XD. But I did splash out on these while I was getting my mum's brithdays prezzie last year. Dior is one of my favourite brands and I had been craving them for ages and they were well worth it!
Dior Rouge - 361 Pink Baiser

Really nice design on the ourside, Sleek and Clean

I loved the colour just from looking at the stick!

With & Without Flash. A Really Pretty Pink


A Perfect Girly Pink

 Really love this colour! As you can see I have been using it and it's just amazing to use, the quality is just someonething above the 'drug store brand' as you would expect from a designer brand. Not that I dislike anything because it's 'drug store', just nice and everyone should have 1 luxury lipstick to remind us how much we love our lips =3
It has a faint smell like baby powder but is so pleasent and you can't smell after wearing for a while, but the best is the feeling. Glides on with ease and just feeling amazing, I don't know how to explain! Like satin on my face XD

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss - 152 Pearl

Again a Sleek & Clean Design

I'be used it and yet looks brand new! Great design

With & Without Flash

Beautiful Shine & Colour

Again I love this. So nice on! It has very minimal colouring but a lovely shine. It has tiny glitter particles in it. It has no smell to it and it's not sticky or suffocating, just has like the lipstick a very luxury texture.
Can be used and has a lovely effect on top of lipsticks and tints to!

I haven't tried many designer band lipsticks and glosses but if your going to go shopping for one I recomend you have a look at these.

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