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Hello Kitty Bake

Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Well I wouldn't say I am an excellent cook, but I do enjoy cooking. Learnt to cook alot from my mum and now do almost all the cooking in the house. But I am a self taught baker and my mother won't even attempt it *sad childhood moment* :'{, LOL but I am have been really into baking for about a year now. Im a big cake and cupcake maker as I don't sleep well so I make them in the middle of the night XD. My poor mother wakes up in the morning and walks into the kitchen to find ANOTHER batch =p. For xmas this year my sister found and bought me a hello kitty silicone mould, YAY wanted one and had been looking for one for a while XD. I wasn't really going to do any baking posts, but I though maybe once in a while would be ok =]

What you will need: Ingredients

  • 4oz Butter
  • 4oz Caster Sugar
  • 6oz Self Raising Flour
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 tablespoon Milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla
What you will need: Equipment

  • Mixing Bowl
  • Small Bowl
  • Mixing/Wooden Spoon
  • Mixer or Fork
  • Tea Spoon & Table Spoon
  • Scales
  • Cupcake Cases
  • Cupcake Tray

  • Hello Kitty Silicone Mould
They are very easy to get online =D

I like to put mine in a tray, and because the mixture is for 12 I add in some extra cupcake cases. This will take up all the mixture. You'll get squished ones though! Haha but the hello hitty ones are whats important XD

What you will need: Icing

I don't usually make icing suger for these hello kitty cakes, as I like them just fine without. But for this tutorial i'll make glace icing
Glace Icing
  • 4oz/115g Icing Sugar ~ sieved
  • 1 tablespoon Water

Buttercream Icing
  • 8oz/225g Butter ~ softened
  • 12oz/350g Icing Sugar
  • Colouring (optional)
  • Decorations (optional....but not really you need pretty cupcakes =p)
I got these cute coloured sugar crystals from Asda & Morrisons


First I'll explain how its all done, incase you want to write it down it's easier then scrolling through the whole thing XD. Then i'll explain again with the pictures =D


First turn on your ovan. 180C/350F/Gas 4

Add your Butter to your sugar in the mixing bowl and mix well until light and Fluffy. !TIP! Leave your butter and eggs out for a while before you start. If they are room temp it will be much easier and will help prevent the mixture from separating.
In the seperate small bowl crack open your eggs and mix a little.
Beat in the egg to the butter mixture a little at a time! If added too much too quickly it will separate.

Mix well between adding the egg. !TIP! If the mixture does begin to separate then add a table spoon of flour from your already measured out flour. Then continue.
When it is all mixed in add the milk, vanilla and any other flavoring or food colouring.
Then add in the flour and mix gently! You want to keep in the air as much as possible.
Divide between the cases/mould.
It should be approx 1 tablespoon per case. The hello kitty moulds will take a little more.
There is no need to fill them all the way as they will rise in the ovan.
Pop them into the ovan and wait 12-15mins.

If they still look shiny they are not cooked. The best way to see if they are cooked is to get them out and use a butter knife, insert into the cupcake and if it comes out clean its ready.
If mixture comes out on the knife put them back in the ovan. !TIP! Open the ovan door a little, then slowly. Letting the cool air rush in may make them deflate =p

Leave to cool a little in the tin, then when you can touch them put them on the cooling rack. DO NOT DECORATE until they are completely cool.

Lets See
Measure out what you'll need, add your butter to sugar and start mixing.

It will be tough at first, but keep at it. If your butter is room temp it will be much softer and easier to mix. 
Eventually you will get something smooth like this.

 In a small bowl open your two eggs and mix them up a tiny bit. 
A fork will do.

Add in a tiny bit at a time! And mix well inbetween adding the egg
Beat the mixture to get some air in there! XD

 When it's all mixed in add your milk, vanilla and any other flavoring or food colouring.

 Add in your flour and mix gently. You wanna keep in the air you beat into it. When it's nice and smooth it's ready.
Make sure you've got all the flour round the edges and at the bottom, it hides.


 One of my mums fav flavours is the lavander cupcakes I make. For this I use lavander suger and sprinkle a little into the cases/moulds.
You can buy this alot of places, I got it at waitrose, but its easy to make with granulated sugar and lavander seeds, put them in a sealed tub and make sure theres no moisture in it!

 I've done 3 with the lavander, then the other three are gunna be rose, another of my own makes =p
 P.S Thats not something odd on the mould! I've wiped the butter paper round the mould just in case. It shouldn't stick to the silicone but with the sugar in it aswell just making sure

I've added in rose water to the rest of the cupcake mixture

Shove em' In the ovan!

15 mins later - Lets Test!

 Man Im Good Haha

Poor Squashed ones

 Leave To Cool!

 *taps fingers on table*

Easiest way is to press your thumb in the middle and they pop out


Not everyone made it out alive HAHA

For this im going to make Glace' Icing!
Normally for these I wouldn't make any at all they are nice as lil cakes alone.
I will make Buttercream icing another time to show you for normal cupcakes but the recipe is above =D

  I added in a little extra water to make it extra smooth

 I Put the cooling rack over a tin (or tray) cos it will get messy
(It's the first time i've done this btw)

I used a spoon to pour it over, it was a little too runny but

My First attempt was to use the sugar glitter,
But it was taking ages!

 Then I went with colouring the icing, added a touch of pink food colouring to the icing left.

 Painted it on! I may do something about the eyes but you can see them clearly in person =p

Lavander & Rose Hello Kitty Cupcakes
Kinda, Haha 
Hope you enjoyed!

☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆


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