Saturday, 12 January 2013

New Hair!

Mermaid Style

For this hair colour I used
For the Purple: Plum & Lilac
For the Green: Apple Green & Turquoise

Lol I used those super dark colours, but used in the right way you can get the most stunning colours and make your colours go further!
By using tiny amounts, like 1/4 teaspoon amounts of the colours to WHITE conditioner you can get that pastel tone to your hair.

I use and have always used for coloured hair LA RICHE Directions
This is just a personal preference, but never not been happy so had no reason to change.
Plus they are made to mix with eachother so I can dream up my own range of colours

::Where I Get Them From::
I do and always have got my directions from ebay seller ~punk-in-the-uk
I put pink in my hair about, hmmm, 3-4 years ago and bought from here. Then last year when I started adding colour to my hair I bought from her again and never had a problem.
Plus if your ordering quite a few (which you will do to up-keep your colour) you can mail her and she will do deals for you.
Such a reliable seller, and always answer any questions!

::Mixed Up Colours::
I use old take-away plastics and you can get the brushes from loads of places, I got mine from Sally's.
I use as much conditioner as I think I will need (make more if ur not sure as you know the colour will be consistent). Using directions you can mix up the colours to get origional colours, so with the green I used the apple green, like a dash! Less than half a teaspoon! and a little turquoise to make it a sea green (or minty green when it lightens). With the purple I did the same with Plum, then added a little Lilac to reduce the pinky tone. Add a little at a time as you can always add more if your unhappy, harder to lighten it again once the colour is in with the conditioner.

::Let It Sit::
With such a hugh condition ratio I don't really worry about how long its on for. The stronger the colour the quicker it will stick. Please don't forget that when you wash it off it will probs be alot brighter than it looks, so don't overdo it! Put it on and think it looks a bit bland XD
When washing it off do it in cold or luke warm water. As with your skin if you wash it in hot water it will open up the 'pores' in your hair, removing the colour. 
To keep the colour as fresh as I can I will wash my hair in warm water always, save the hot water for the rest of my shower XD

I left this on for hmmmmm about 2 hours

::Right After::
I didn't have any make-up on! haha
I am so IN LOVE with the colour

The purple at the roots does still have a pinky tone to it, but thats cos I put it ontop of quite fresh pink XD. Plus you will find the hair at the roots will keep the colour better as it's fresher

Will next do a post on how to get your hair ready for bright and pastel colours
And how to keep your hair in the best condition you can with colour upkeep

☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆


  1. I absolutely love your pastel hair colour!! ahh
    It looks so nice. This was really helpful/useful!! I was attempting mermaid hair today but I have black hair so it didn't work -o-;;

    1. Hi Cyndi! Thank you so much for your comment! I've been away so long I was worried no one would back back XD
      As for dying black hair im doing a 'lightening your hair' post with a few different ways of doing it! For dying your hair light colours, pastel colours and ombre your ends.
      So please stay tuned! From my own experience and people telling me one if not all of these will work for everyone!
      What colour did you try? Was in all over of ombre? Maybe I can help ^_^

  2. Wow! I would be interested in reading that!

    I actually didn't try any colour because the bleach didn't do the job properly so that's why it didn't work. I intended for a lilac ombre/dip dye however I used a weak developer! :( So now it is a really brassy orange colour which looks horrid. So I didn't get to move onto toning/dying it as it was too dark anyways. But do you have any tips on keeping it healthy after dying it instead of it being frizzy and looking really damaged? And toning!? I read somewhere that your hair needs to be like white to have it be pastel coloured.

    Thanks so much!! :D

    1. Thank you so much for you questions! I will take them all and add them to the post, but yes will add in tips to look after your hair, after all i've been blonde a couple of times and still have all my hair! LOL

      And don't worry I'll help you with the orange to, I'll never forget the first time I went blonde, I was super duper brass all over for a week =p

      In the mean time get your hands on a silver hair shampoo, they are super purple and will tone down the brassy orange =D