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Review & Swatches

So we get 2 blush/shadows, 2 eyeshadows/liners 1 highlighter/eyeshadow & 2 lip gloss
DowntownBoy & Hot Mama
Mary-Lu Manizer Highlighter
Ladyshadows Shadow/liner Insane Jane & Jealous Jordana
Read My Lips & speacial edition gloss

DOWNTOWNBOY  ~ 'Baby pink matte blush/shadow'
 HOT MAMA ~ 'Pinky-peach blush/shadow'
I use this almost every single day! I love these blush!
Unless I am looking for some other direction or colour these are my go to blush.
The hot mama works perfectly for a natural cheek contour and lifts the cheek bones, or well as a cheek blush alone. It is a lovely pinky/peach with the tiniest bit of shimmer to it. Adds a lovely glow.
Downtownboy pink is a beautiful pink that I love daily with or without hot mama. Use a little bit high on the cheek bones withor without hot mama contouring gives a natural look, or use across the cheeks for a blush. Just love them!

::Eyeshadow & Highlighter::
Mary-Lu Manizer Highlighter
Ladyshadows Eyeshadow/liner 
Insane Jane & Jealous Jordana
Well again these are something I use on a regular basis, espsially the highlighter! I love it!  
Both shadow/liners are very strong pigment, having the tiniest bit on your brush is enough to add decent colour to your eyes, building up the colour is easy. A black that really gives a true black and the brown has a lovely bronze like tone to it.
My favourite highlighter EVER, Mary-Lu has a lovely slight gold tone to it, use even a tiny tiny bi
on the corner or your eyes and the center of your face gives off such a natural highlight, and I also like to add a little right across the lid and under the eye, then use the brown around the outer edge. This give off a more natural/minimal make-up look but really makes your eyes pop!
As liners they are as good, if not better than shadow/liners because the colours are so strong. Very good quality

Read My Lips & speacial edition tinted gloss
Now these are a differnt matter. The colours are lovely, the tinted gloss is right up my street with a slight peach tone to a nude gloss, however the texture is not one im a fan of. Most people are no where near as picky with glosses as I am. They feel very heavy and sticky. They do have a nice snell to them and good colour but I can't wear them.

Although in the end the I don't like the gloss I love this palette. I use the top half all the time so it's well worth it =]
I would love to try out vol.2

Vol.1 (this one) is currently out of stock, im not sure if they've stopped doing it but if I see it up I will post ~<3 -
theBalm Balmbini Vol. 2 available:

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