Monday, 14 January 2013


Lip Jelly Cherry & Pink
Review & Swatches

 The Korean brand Peripera and graphic artist Mari Kim 마리킴 have teamed up to create pretty packaging for a new revamp to the brands tint line!

Most people into K-pop will recognize Mari Kim’s art style. She worked with the K-pop group 2NE1 on the music video for “Hate You”

So as you can see right off the bat the packaging is just amazing! I love this style of art!
I ended up getting the Cherry Stick & Pink Stick, missing out on the Orange Stick (but I will go and look for it XD)

<-- Red Stick // Pink Stick -->
 This was my first experience with 'jelly sticks', they wern't quite as bright as in pictures I had seen, but I was happy with that. They have small glitters in them and but it doesn't reflect when on your lips and they seem to have faded a little over time for some reason, but thats not affected the colour I get on my lip

<-- Pink // Red -->
Sorry the picture quality doesn't show it up well, but I will upload pics on lips when I use them next, With and Without the water tint! As you see there is minimal colour but thats the point, so subtle i just love them, and such an odd feeling like a mix between vaseline & water on your lips, but 
I LOVE IT. So comfortable to wear and adds a super cute look to your lips, like you were born litle a natural watery shine to your lips!
I Love to use these together with the tint, give an amazing 'ombre' or 'bitten' lip look!

They don't really seem to have any taste which is good, or smell which is fine XD
I am a fan of fruity smelling lips but I know some arn't!
The only trouble is it does come of easily as you would think, but nothing that a re-apply won't fix XD

All in all I love them, I use them alot and they are always in my make-up bag!

And because I love this video here it is!
It was actually MY FIRST K-POP!! Lol, there was a snippit in the corner on youtube of the totally lush art and I had to look, and thus I was a k-pop junkie (to go along with my J-pop addiction) =p

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  1. I also love the packaging, it's absolutely adorable. I agree with everything you said as I have the 01 Cherry Stick except that I'm starting to not like the smell of it!

    Great review, enjoyed reading it :)