Thursday, 31 January 2013

Show you how to be Dolly

Dolly Wink Booklet
Starring Dolly Wink Producer
Tsubasa Masuwaka

Just a little lookie at the super cute 'look' & product booklet that came from Pretty&Cute with my Dolly Wink brow pencil. It's so nice! It shows how to get the most out of your Dolly Wink products with the eye shadows and so on, then on the back of each page there are pull out pictures of Tsubasawith the made up look.
But it does not include the newer lines of cosmetics and lashes!

Model and Idol Tsubasa Masuwaka was asked by (or teamed up with) Cosmetics brand 'Koji' and came out with her own line 'Dolly wink', with eyeshadows, Lipsticks & glosses, Eyelashes & MORE. One of my fav brands the make-up is not only super adorable to look at but everything is such good quality!

When you make a Dolly Wink purchase with Pretty& you can apply for a free Dolly Wink Look Booklet. If/When you make a purchase of any Dolly Wink product from Pretty& make sure you ask to have this Dolly Wink Look Booklet, they may be sold out though but im sure they would tell you!

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  1. Tsubasa is so so pretty! I love her Milky Bunny music too hehe

    p.s. I've nominated you for a Blog Award, if you check out my latest post, you can see what it is xx