Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Let's All Be Dolly

Koji Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil 
03 Dark Chocolate Review

Description: Koji Dolly Wink Eye Brow Pencil is easy to use and can help draw a perfect and a natural looking eyebrow! With a soft lid, the eyebrow pencil does not hurt your skin while drawing the natural lines that can be applied easily and smoothly. The color of the eyebrow pencil is very long-lasting and is drawn smoothly and will not cause smudges easily


Well as you would expect with all Dolly Wink the packaging is so cute!  Beautiful and amazing Tsubasa Masuwaka is on the front and theres ingredients and how to use on the back.

Directions: Draw lightly from in the inside of your eyebrow to the ends. Do not press in too hard, this will make the brows look too harsh. Use a small brush to fade in the color and "feather" it out.

I just love this pencil! I haven't really shown how to put it on properly there cos 
I wasn't wearing any make-up, it was to show how to use it. 
The pencil itself is really good. It goes on really well but isn't really a 'soft' pencil, so 
you don't get too much. It's really subtle and easy to adjust once it's on, like thin
out if you feel you've put too much on and it gives a really natural look. 

As for the brush the other side it's amazing. After putting the pencil on this brush blends out the pencil and lines up your brown how you want them. Then you can use a gel to set them if you want. If you feel you maybe have gone a bit over the top this brish is really good to blend it away. 

Really Amazing! Comes in 3 different colours and this is the darkest so if you do have darker eyebrows but want to use this I would suggest you use the pencil to fill in your brows then use an eye shadow that your brow or hair colour to adjust the colour (don't go overboard though XD) then use the brush to blend =D

 I got this one fron >Pretty&<, and you can also get from
AND HOPEFULLY from ME one day soon <3

☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆

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