Monday, 11 February 2013

Dye Job Part 1B - Safely Fade Dyed Hair

After my last post I thought i'd be doing this later on, but think it's a good follow up to 'going blonde'. Here im going to add some good tips I've heard AND used basically for stripping out hair dye! This is supper useful for when you already have your pastel/coloured hair and want to change it to a different one for example from a pale pink to a green? Or you've just used a store bought hair dye and your not too happy with it, fade it out and give your hair a little rest so you can do something else with it. Of course dying/bleaching it blonde is the fastest way but if you've just gotten blonde from you black hair you may want to skip it for a while to let your hair catch it's breath XD. So once you hair is white blonde ITS BLONDE and the colour you've put on top is masking it, you can fade it out and go from there!

Clear shampoo. Often, it will be labeled as a clarifying shampoo. You can opt for a cheap drugstore shampoo or a salon brand, as long as the shampoo is clear. These shampoos are meant to remove build up, both product and natural oil from your hair. The clear shampoo will strip your hair speeding up the fading process. I've been told by my friend who is a hair dresser (go figure right =p) that Head & Shoulder is the best (lemon one even more so, more in Pt.3)

Hot Water
As I mentioned in the last post use cold water to keep your colour longer, and in turn use hot water to fade it out quicker! The temperature of the water you use to wash your hair makes a huge difference. Hot water will make your hair more porous which allows the hair color to wash out more easily. The hotter the water, the better. If you recently dyed your hair, be careful that your scalp isn’t too sensitive. Always finish off with cold water for the last ten seconds. This will seal up your hair making it shinier and less frizzy. Im full of tips ;p
Hair Color Removers
This is more for i'f you have dyed your hair a darker colour and want to remover it. These products are specifically for dyeing mishaps, but remember these are chemical treatments. And please be careful as wyou should with all dyes, these color removers are just as unpredictable. (Aka, not 100% guaranteed). Always read the instructions! The previous methods mentioned are gentler and less risky. Products, like L’Oreal’s Color Oops, are meant to take out natural colored dye and only dye that is darker in color. Remember, when you lighten your hair, you are technically removing color from the follicle, so you can’t use a color remover for that.

All the previous suggestions will definitely dry out your hair. After putting your hair through a dye job and then lots of bye-bye-dye attempts your follicles will be feeling a little under the weather. Make sure you’re taking care of them! Deep condition at least once a week with a hair mask. You can snag treatments for pretty cheap at your local drug store and super stores. You can switch up your clear shampoo with a dandruff shampoo every now and then since these anti-flake treatments both strip and condition. Avoid heat styling when possible. Yes, that means putting your hair dyrer, flat iron & curlers down once in a while! =p

If your looking for a less harsh wsas of getting rid of your current dye job (AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR PT.2 WHEN YOU GET YOU PASTEL/COLOURED HAIR) give these methods a go and you’ll see a big difference in no time. If in doubt as always go to a salon and see a professional stylist, but if im really honest i've heard more horror stories come out of salons than I have from people doing it themselves....somehow XD (ps. that is in no way a personal dig at all hairdresser ! I have a number of freinds who are hairdressers and I always let them play around with my hair =p). All in all i've spent years doing and cutting my own and am super happy XD. 

Thank you for reading!
Please look forward to my next post


  1. another great post hun! I have some bits of red/dark dyes left in my hair, I might try this out to get rid of them!
    Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. Thanks hunni! OMG red is a pain in the ass. Yes give these a try!
      Let me know how it goes. But if you want to go super light you might have to resort to the stripper =p.
      But deffo give these a try first & look for my pt.3 post which is natural ways to lighten rather than resorting to the bottle XD

  2. Hey, I was wondering if you could help me with something. I've managed to bleach my hair to a light yellow tone. Now I need to find the proper toner to make my hair a ash blonde colour. I'm having a hard time finding a proper product without having it turn blue or green (I live in Tokyo).

    Thanks a lot :)