Sunday, 17 February 2013


Lol YES! Hair chalking. Welcome to a new trend in beauty: hair chalking. I’ve been hearing about this floating around places like tumblr for a while and with all my recent hair post based around pastel hair I though i'd shead a little light on this aswell. I've never actually done it myself, cos as you can tell I go whole hog with bleach and all XD, but for those who really don't want to bleach their hair, or even just want a splash of colour for the weekend this is for you maybe?
So, what exactly is hair chalking? It’s taking your hair and using either regular chalk or specifically made hair chalk to color your hair....YEP! DONE! THATS IT! Haha super easy!

What you need to know about hair chalking:

1. It can be done to ALL hair colors and types; blondes, brunettes, redheads, all without the use of bleach or dyes.
2. If you use soft pastels chalk from your local arts store be sure to not use oil pastels.
3. There is a brand called HairColorChalk, which makes hyper pigmented chalks specifically intended for hair.
4. If you have dark hair, you should lightly moisten it before applying the chalk.
5. If you have blonde hair, do not moisten your hair or it WILL stain.
6. To apply just twist your hair, then rub the chalk into and around it, small sections as a time.
7. You can have fun with the style! braids, fishtails, buns, beachy waves, etc.
8. Before you shower and wash your hair, brush out as much of the color as you can.


Some basic do's & don't taken from

  • Use the hair color rub on the outside hair, not inner hair, or the colorful power may stick here and there on your clothes.
  • Never use this in rainy days if you don’t want to be a colorful dog.
  • Dark hair need more volume to make it looks bright and showy.
  • Don’t wear your best clothes and wear darker colored skirt or shirts if possible
  • Let a flat iron or hair curler help seal the color onto your hair. So they won’t drop much.

 And thats all I can say about it as its really that easy! You too can have My Little Pony, unicorn or mermaid hair for the weekend, and still show up to work on Monday XD. Of course that doesn't apply to me and I really love the way I do it, all that work to have it wash out 2 days later? No thanks XD. But will try this out some time to do a tutorial. Personally I make a run for it if it looks like it's gunna rain, I Got's Frizzy Hair ='{, but I wouldn't wanna run the risk of blue and pink running down my face XD 

Thank you for reading
And please share if you do this! I would love to hear more about it
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  1. Oh my. *_* I am in love with this idea!

    1. Yeah looks amaing for people who don't want to bleach thier hair! And you can get so many combinations =D

  2. That's such a cool idea! especially if you don't want to bleach or lighten your hair ^_^

    1. It IS! When you see those pictures of so many colours in someones hair it could be that they used this chalk =0
      And great for as you say people who don't want to lighten & bleach =p