Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Lush Lip Laquers

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquers

Review & Swatches

''The intense rich colour of a lipstick, enhanced by a satin smooth shine. The earth-shattering lip lacquer from Rimmel London.
The earth-shattering lip lacquer from Rimmel London combining the intense colour of lipstick with a lacquer like shine, Apocalips Lip Lacquer is an explosive make-up phenomenon that represents the end of colour as you know it. Packed with pure colour pigments, its lusciously creamy, conditioning formula promises a never-before combination of colour, shine and comfort that last and last. Available in 8 shades, from subtly sexy to spectacular.''

YES! yesyesyesyes FINALLY lol. I really wanted these XD. Got them over my haul weekend (next post) and am so happy.  These are super popular atm (blog/vlog wise =p). I seem to remember seeing them from a vlogger some time ago from America and they looked really good, then I forgot about them XD and after watching a new vid from awesome blogger Stylesuzi I remembered them again! Haha, and I am really impressed with them. Popped into boots cos they are 3 for 2 atm! And got 2 and my go to eyeliner.

The reason I only got 2 was because of the colours which I will explain:

Nude Eclipse



THEY ARE LUUUUUUSH! Im so much happier with them than I thought I would be, which seems to be everyones opinion. They boast to be a mix between Lipstick & Lipstick, and the darker shades also act as a stain. They come in 8 Shades
Other Shades:
 Galaxy && Nova

Apocoliptic && Big Bang
Luna && Stella

They look soooooooooo good! BUT they are real statement colours. In real life they are so pigmented and bright, really nice but I only got two cos personally on my face it's not for me, I cannot pull them off and much prefer a natural to nude to pinky rosey lip XD. 
I went in really to get/take a look at Nude Eclipse, Celestial, Luna and Stella. I'd looked at a couple of reviews online and had an idea they'd be really bright but didn't think they'd be THAT bright. 

There is a little dent on the dispenser to hold extra gloss to help prevent 'double dipping'. Works really well. Also the top has really good suction, didn't let too much out. I did read that the darker ones do bleed out a little so to wipe off a little when pulling it out and build up the colour.

Nude Eclipse

This was the first one that caught my eye! Well for some reason the lightest one always does, cos thats my 'safe for my skin tone' place XD. But I was even worried seeing the swatch that it would be too peachy! I gave it a chance and im so glad I did. It's so nice, 
I FINALLY found MY perfect nude lip!! Kyaa *o*
Every single nude nipstick I tried was too pinky or too peachy and im so happy. 
I think maybe if you do have a darker skin tone i've heard people say it washes thier face out, but if you like a nude like give it a try there might be enough peach tone in it to get away with it =p


 I actually didn't really look at this at first I dont know why I love a good pink, but I think I thought it was darker than it is =-p, but my aim was mainly celestial & luna. However seeing the swatch of luna it scarred me off so I looked at the other lightest shade which is this. But I didn't think it was a rosey as this. I REALLY like it, a really beautiful pink that I can happily wear.

Overall Texture
Is A-MAZ-ING. It is probably the nicest lipstick/gloss i've ever used. I really does feel like a silky lipstick, or a thick non slippery non sticky lipgloss with the pigment of lipstick. It truley is right in the middle!
It is so much easier to apply than i'd imagined, easier than any lipstick and doesn't go all streaky like it's been spread to thin. And I didn't use any lip primer, lip balm or lip pencil for these pictures and it's gone on perfectly. It has a lovely smell to it, like slightly fruity or something? Very odd can't think of what but it is really nice.

Ombre? // Mixing?
 They are SO EASY to mix together! So easy to make (a super popular look atm) an ombre lip!
Being quite thick but super smooth they don't bleed, but rather blend together

The Rest
As I mentioned above I did go to take a look at how the others were to. I wish i'd taken a picture of the swatches I did, but if I pass by a boots again I will do it, but wowowow super startement colours.
 LUNA: The Luna which I thought i'd be coming back with was so nice but it wouldn't have worked for me. I thought it was a nude with a peachy tone, but it was very very peachy! I like a bit of peach which I think thats how it would have come out on with a normal skin tone, but with my super fair skin tone it would have been bright orange. 
STELLA: Same for the Stella, on a swatch it looked fushia pink not what I expected at all, too bright for me but im so pale.
BIG BANG: The big bang also look really nice, a super vibrant vampy red. I don't wear red but if I did it would be that shade!
GALAXY: A beautiful deep plum purple. Im not a purple lip girl I just can't pull it off and not really the look I like on myself but it is a really nice deep purple, and I think mixed with NOVA you could make a gorgeous ombre lip!
NOVA: A true pink/purple! Again im not one for purple lips (atm, it may change one day XD) but it's a really really pretty purple. But this is a lighter more stuble purple with almost a blue tone to it so would be a lovely day time purple, then layer it up for a night time look.
APOCOLIPTIC: Probs the one I like the least of the whole lot, infact I would never wear this colour it's too powerful for me. But for lovers of bright lips it's perfect a red with a definite coral tone!

The darker shades also have a decent lip stain to them aswell, after having BIG BANG and GALAXY on my hand for only a minute or two there has been a stain on my hand since. It's off now in the evening but stuck around for quite a while! Thats good to think your colour would last longer. 

After seeing the swatches on my hand in the shop and the 2 that I bought and tried on my lips they do look different, so I think maybe I should have given the Luna a chance after all. Also possilble the other wouldn't be as bright and bold as they looked on my hands so always give them a try yourself! =D

After all they are really nice! If your like me and you love toned down pretty lip, stick to the 2 that I got (and maybe the Luna if you arn't as pale as me and Nova for purple lip lovers) But for lip popping people they are perfect, and the texture is amazing! And they are really easy to mix together! They also have a really lush smell but I can't seem to place it.

Available At Boots ATM 3for2: >>here<<

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  1. They look gorgeous! The Big Bang shade sounds so good, I love vibrant red shades!
    Great Post!

    1. They really are. Yes I LOVED the big bang it was so lush ^_^
      Thanks sweety! ~<3