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Skin79 Orange Super Plus
Triple Functions BB Cream 
Review & Pics

''Skin79 Super Plus Triple Function BB Vital Cream has upgraded sunscreen that prevents skin discoloration and skin aging with UV A and B sun protection, a triple function BB Cream that makes skin bright and smooth. Strengthens skin’s overall protection capacity and blocks melanin formation while giving elasticity to sagging skin. Phytoshingosine and Ceramide strengthen skin’s protective barrier and maintain balanced skin condition. Osmopur-N and Vital-V Complex soothe and protect skin which can be easily damaged from various harmful environmental factors. Soft, moist texture with W/S component is lightly absorbed into skin while excellent adhesion makes skin transparent and clean.''

  • Oil control
  • Reduces appearance of Pores
  • Brightens
  • Wrinkle Improvment
  • Moisturizes
  • UV protection

How to Apply:
Take an appropriate amount and apply a small dab to your cheeks, forehead, and chin. With the tips of your fingers spread bb cream evenly throughout your face. To avoid bb cream from caking, let sit for 5 minutes before building bb cream up for more coverage, and before apply any loose powders to set it with.

 ~ Side ~

~ Back ~

 ~ Close Up ~
 You can see in the picture that the one side is perforated so you can easily open the box

 ~ Inside The Box ~

~ I got the 15g 'Travel size', Handy if you just want to get it to try it out ~

 ~ Push down the top for easily dispensed BB cream ~
It comes out really smoothly, unlike some other with pump tops the like fly out at you! Haha

 ~ Blended In ~
 Same with almost all BB creams, none are 'my colour' but they change colour when on your skin!
Sorry about my hand, my skin is not coping with the super cold XD

 ~ Used In Pic, With Bennifit 'Bo-ing Concealer' & Set With Rimmel Powder ~

       This is the BB cream I am currently using (cos im out of my all time fav BB cream Dr.Jart+ (coming soon)) but this is really nice. 

       Ok im the first to admit I DO NOT HAVE THE BEST SKIN! I have oily/combinaition skin so break out at a gust of wind if it hits me the wrong way XD, but it's been so much better and easier to manage since I started using BB cream INSTEAD of foundation! It breaths really well, even then heavy cover ones. And the oil control is so great. Im using this atm, I got a travel size from Pretty&cute to try it out but it saved me when I ran out of my regular BB cream. 

       The one thing I don't like about it is it's a light to medium coverage. Thats just what it's is and on a good day I can get away with it. It does cover redness and dullness really well. Just any break-outs and under eye circles that need extra attention when im using this. Also it doesn't really 'reduce the appearance of pores' as much as I would like, but still gives it a good go.

       But in all it's a really good BB cream. Not oily or greasy which I would HATE. As you can see the colour out of the tube is a little dark but changes really well. I've never put it on and felt like it was too dark. As with ALL BB CREAMS when applying you should give it a few minutes to settle and that allows the colour change. 

       Happy lil Tokyo Girl =]
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  1. Great post!
    I've never tried BB cream but I'v heard so much about them! My skin sounds really similar to yours, I always get break outs. Is BB cream good for coverage?

    1. Thanks sweety! OMG I live and breath BB cream, and am opening an Asian cosmetics shop stocking BB creams & More

      Yes there are different types with different coverage. This is a medium but really is very good coverage, but I use Dr.Jart which is amazing! And it's fantastic for my (our) type of skin. I'll be doing a review on it very soon and if you think you want to try some let me know! =D


  2. I always try and advoid whitening BBs, have you noticed it lightening your skin at all? I'm pale enough :p

    I've nominated you for a blog award, check out my blog to see it :) ox

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for your comment <3

      Ah omg me to, so pale but I LOVE whitening BB creams and whitening products in general. The don't so much as 'lighten your face' but lighten dull areas and redness ect. And make your skin look brightened rather than 'whitened'. Infact I have noticed redused redness in my face now that I think about it! I should probably go and put that in =p

      But I also adore whitening face masks. Again they don't whiten your skin but 'lighten' dull and darker areas like my under eye area and the redness I get across my cheeks.

      What BB cream do you use? Im always looking to try new ones and am interested in whats popular to attempt to stock it ^-^

      OMG Thank you so much!! I will go take a lookie ~~~=3
      Thanks again for your comment!! =D
      Jo ~<3