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Dye Job Part 2A - Let's Do The Rainbow

Haha this took a while! So sorry I did actually do it all nice and just how I wanted and LOST THE WHOLE POST! How I did that is beyond me but there we go XD
So now we have a super blonde hair and we want to make it pretty & colourful! Pastel hair is so popular right now but this is for pastel hair AND coloured hair
And NOW I've had to split this into 2 parts aswell! Lol in part A I will do the basics and how to, then in part 2 it's about the colours you can use and toners and things ^_^

I will be addressing:
☆ Colouring your hair at home using at home dye kits
☆ Going Blonde
☆ Getting 'colourful' Hair (ie. pink, purple, ect)
☆ Pastel Hair
☆ Up Keep
☆ Lightening your hair naturally

Pt.1A - Go Blonde
Pt.1B - Lighten Safley
Pt.2A - Go Pastel & Coloured 
Pt.2B -  Know Your Colours
Pt.3 - Lightening Naturally 

My Last Year~ (ish may have missed a few)

Heres some general things you should stick to to get the best out of adding colour to your hair & tips getting it to do a lovely pastel colour (or any other colour). They are things that I have picked up AND USE myself

Get It Ready:
☆ For pastel hair if you've read that it has to be a white blonde unfortunatly it's pretty correct! But you DON'T have to kill your hair with bleach. Using toners and silver hair (purple based) hair products can help you out so much, and as long as you get rid of those orange/brassy tones your set.
☆ PLEASE let your hair set for a little while after you've getten it to the blonde. Leaveing it for a few days and giving it a wash before you do anything else to it will make your new colour set alot better.
☆ Make sure to trim off dead ends. The new colours won't take to the dead bits and it won't look to good.

Up Keep:
☆ Use a clean empty pot for extra, you can dilute it with more conditioner then use it like normal conditioner once a week to keep the colour lasting longer
☆ Washing in cold/cool/luke warm water will help alot. The colder you can stand the better but don't go overboard and do it in freezing water XD. Cold water keeps the the pores closed so stops the colour coming out as much.
☆ Try to reduce the amount you wash your hair. Washing it everday isn't good for your hair normally but leave it for as long as you can between washes. It will extend the life of your fresh colours. This is even worse with pastel hair, you may find this means dry shampoo is a life saver!
☆ Doing it DARK and letting it fade naturally will give you longer lasting pastel hair (see below)

☆ The best kind of conditioner to use is a WHITE one, using a coloured one may affect the colour your mixing it with
☆ Use a LEMON FREE conditioner. Lemon is used to strip out colour (my own thoughts)
☆ Use a SILICONE FREE conditioner. Silicone can fill in the pores in your hair and stop colour seeping into your hair
☆ Always make too much, if you've made your own out of several different colours or added a certain amount on conditioner you will not get the same colour again. Make more than you think you will need, the extra can be kept (above)

What You Will Need: 
☆ Conditioner
☆ Colour of choice (see next post for details on colours)
☆ Bowl For Mixing
☆ Colour brush - Don't worry if you don't have one, but they are very easy to get
☆ Gloves - Please use gloves, these dyes will stain. Blues and reds are the worst but anything will cling onto your nails

Handy to have:
☆ Clips
☆ Bobbles
☆ Comb (to part the hair)
☆ Vasaline (use around the hairline & ears to protect staining)
☆  Tin foil (optional)



Dying you hair a DARK colour will in the long run help keep your pastel hair. Example - you want a pastel pink then doing it a dark pink first will 'stain' the hair, allow it to lighten over time as these are not permanent then you can top it up with a pastel mix.
This is my newest hair (as of march 1st 2013) so no more mint, but this is to set up for a beautiful pastel blue or sea blue ^_^. It's a bit darker in life but very full of colour. I've done this so that the colour can seep in and 'stain' then hair, then as it lightens I can get to look like the one to the below left or maybe i'll add in a tiny green (to make it turquise) and get the one below right. Of course the purple will lighten to, to a lilac as theres no pink in it ^_^. I also rubbed some into my roots, even after doing my roots they were still holding onto brasy tones so rather than do them again I counteracted it with the pruple, then added blue onto and rubbed it in together and it's come out looking really nice, will do some close up ones later and show you the progress of doing it dark to get it a longer lasting pastel.

 'If you are hoping to achieve a light blue (or light pink), make sure your hair is the closest it can get to white (use a white toner after bleaching) before dyeing, or else your hair will turn green. Remember that blue and yellow equals green! Also if your hair has bits of yellow in it, use a dye that does not have hints of blue or you risk the chance of getting green tints in your hair. And adding pink to brassy tones may result in a lovely orange'
I'll be very honest it has never happened to me! The only time I made sure my hair was WHITE was when I did it silver, so if thats what your going for then yeah you will need it WHITE, but purple is used to counteract brassy tones and you will find most silver dyes are purple based. But I've put it just to be on the safe side. If this does happen to you please feel free to mail me and I will try and figure out where it may have come from and how to fix it. As you see above  I tend to make the dyes darker than needs be cos it fades, and I think this tends to protect largely from going green XD

SO I WILL VERIFY XD. You DO NOT need WHITE hair, but you do need to GET RID of all ORANGE BITS ^_^

Please know and understand I am not a hairdresser. This is just how I have done it in the past and my own opinions!

Start! Start with as light as you can. Of course you can do it when its not as white, but you will probably not be happy with the outcome

My conditioner of choice. White in colour and as far as I can see free of silicone! Got it half price, DEAL and I ended up using the whole lot XD

 Two different colours means two different containers. Old take-away pot are more than good, just make sure they are clean! XD. Two brushes but of course if you don't have any don't worry, you can use your fingers to work the colour into the hair just be careful, I drop alot XD. Bobbles & clips

An pot for any extra colour. I ended up not needing it, but it's better to make too much then put it in a pot to use the the shower to keep up your colour ^-^

Please Use Gloves! Pastel hair is not so bad but the colours like red, blue and purple stain really badly XD

 The very front im going to do purple so i've tied it up

OH NO!! I did this an night and didn't realize this was lurking. The new hair dye I used didn't take up my roots as well as i'd thought, so THIS is what I mean when I say 'brassy tones'. If you still have this in your hair don't panic, add purple to it! Give your roots a lilac wash, very very light purple (like the mix I make below) put it on, let it sit and wash out, dry and assess the situation again. A week of washing it with silver hair shampoo (which is purple based) may also get rid of this. As I didn't notice it it meant my roots were green but not the pretty mint green i'd wanted, so I re-did my roots as I know how stubborn they are! 

I used apple green which is a very dark green but it's such a beautiful colour and using a tiny bit means the small pots goes alot further. Then I added in a bit bit of turquoise which has green in it to make this sea green/minty green.
If your going to make up your own colours PLEASE ADD A TINY BIT AT A TIME. It's easy to add to but do hard to get it back. Adding it too much blue would have made it blue which is what I didn't want. As you can see below I got the mint green I was after ^_^

Now The Purple!
I used lilac purple which is the lightest they do, as I was only making a little for the ends. Purple sticks really well, but if I was doing all over I would have used a darker purple.

 Purple all set
Using the good conditioner means it has a really nice smell and goes on really well

 I couldn't really get an accurate pic of the colour but this is what I applied to my hair ^_^

I used my finger to measure the 'dip dye', this gave an even level all the way around the bottom, then as I work up the layers I could compare to what was underneath.

 It's all on, but as you can see in the second pic, my roots were still holding onto a little brass and I didn't know! Lol naughty roots. If this happens to you the only thing I can advise is apply a very very pale purple to it.
I let it sit for quite a while, couple hours! With such a low dye content it's all conditioner really so I don't worry about how long it on for.

All Done!
I washed out with cold water, and ran a TINY bit of shampoo diluted with water through my roots. Left it to dry naturally then did give it a straighten but on a very low heat

I Love It!
It is so my colour, i've been told it agrees with my skin tone really well and doesn't wash me out, I agree I really like it ^_^
I did this 'way' to show you how going from blonde and adding such a light dye mix pans out. I LOVE the mint colour and will deffo get it back, but I did it so light kind of to show you it came out after 2 washes! It didn't go to a gross and nasty colour lucky but lightened up to a blond, with the purple ends hanging on a little longer, but this is what you have to suffer with having pastel hair. Using a toner or the conditioner method will make it last longer, but this is why I do it dark at first when I find a colour I want to stick to for a while, so now it's a decent deep blue to pave the way for a nice pastel blue ^_^

☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆

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And coming soon~
Pt.3 - Lightening Naturally 

Next Post - Know your colours.
This will explain the different types of colours you can get & toners ect


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