Sunday, 3 March 2013

Dye Job Part 2B - Know Your Colours

Lol umm yeah I have a few

My Personal hair colour of choice is the La Riche DIRECTIONS. They come in alot of super pretty colours, good sized posts (bigger than most colour dyes) and they mix with eachother really well so you can make your own shades as you go.

<-- Turquoise & Lagoon Blue-->
I love these Blues! To go for a pastel sky blue you can use the Lagoon blue! Although in real life it's a very dark blue its a true blue with no green in it. But both are amazing in thier own right!

 ~ Blue ~
Lagoon Blue & Conditioner
 With A Hint Of Turquoise

~ Purple ~
Plum & Conditioner With A Hint Of Lilac


  <-- Pastel Pink, Lilac & Lavander -->
The pastel pink is such a pretty colour. On it's own it's like cotton candy but with no purple in it it makes a lush pastel pink

<-- Lilac & Lavander -->

<Left> The pastel pink & lavander underneath. The lavander has pinky tones so goes well, where as the lilac is purple.


<Left> Lilac <Right> Lilac faded out

<Right>  Rose Red & Carntaion Pink
 <Left> I got the rose red to make lasting pinks! This red has an obvious pink base so I mixed a little in with lots of conditioner, then added pastel pink to tone it down. It was bright at first but after a wash or 2 tonned down and ended up a lovely lasting pastel pink. This can also be done with the carnation, but it's more of a candy pink than pastel pink ^_^


From Top To Bottom

Lagoon Blue
Turquoise added onto the ends
Brown (cos this was in my fringe)
Carnation Pink

Plum I love this colour! I got it because I do use purple alot and wasn't getting far with pots of lilac and using it all in one go, with this it goes alot further, but in itself it really is a lovely purple! This pic to the side is dark, but thats cos i've done it to 'stain' and lighten naturally, with no pink tones it will go lilac ^_^
 Apple Green I got this one as I knew I wouldn't be doing my hair this dark but having a dark one and mixing it with conditioner and other colours means a pot goes further, and it's still going to fade as fast as if you get a lighter one so it's better in the long run

 Apple Green & conditioner // & Lilac Tips 

 So to mix colours together you just need to see whats in them! For example the different shades of blue, the Lagoon blue is a true blue while the Turquoise has green in it and the Midnight has purple in it. The Apple green is a very pure green when as the Alpine green has blue in it. The Rose red has pink in it where as the Fire red looks like it has orange in it, so it would go like a Coral colour when lightened! As would the Tangerine
I use the La Riche Directions ones really cos they are the ones I tried and were so happy with them I stuck with them! The colours are beautiful and they mix with eachother really well. 

Directions is a vegetable based conditioning dye so no harmful chemicals and you can use and leave in as long as you want!
I do get very tired of people asking 'isn't changing you hair all the time really bad for it?'. ANSWER = NO. I take really good care of my hair and allowing the colour to fade out (rather than bleaching out) and using this natural conditioning dye is an extension of that.

 Of course and unfortunatly all 'crazy' colours are semi permanent! But there are ways to prolong them (see previous post) ALSO some colours last longer than others ie.Reds and some ade quicker, i've heard blues and greens do. This is pretty much the same in all brands, but you might find one agrees with you more than anothher.
If you have trouble getting hold of La Riche (or any coloured dye), or any colours try ebay! 
It's where I get mine from, punk-in-uk =D
I really trust her and have been buying off her for years! Plus her prices are the best with combined shipping & she's so helpful
  Of course there are more colours and more brands to choose from!
Theres lots of brands but here are the other most popular ones ^_^

Mainc panic is another brand thats very popular but im not familiar with it, only that it comes in alot of lovely bright colours and is good to mix with conditioner as i've seen others do it. I think the pots look the same size as the directions and I think the only difference is if your not going to mix with conditioner and you want that 'electric' colour these may give you more of what you want, where as the directions look more of 'deep' colours.

Crazy colour im afraid is another brand I don't know much about, even less than manic panic but i'd say one of the 'big three' most popular. I have heard alot of good things about it and heard that it is great to mix with conditioner for lightening and pastels and that it comes in alot of colours, but the colours themselves I can't tell you what they are like. Also it doesn't look like there is as much as the bottles are very small, but I really don't know if they work out the same amount!


Toner & Shampoo

Manic Panic White Toner & La Riche DIRECTIONS Silver
These are really handy for setting up your hair for pastel colours. I haven't used a white toner before but I would do if I ever wanted it silver again. I did use silver last time I had it silver, at the time I remembered the La Riche Directions silver was purple but now its blue XD. If you do have brassy tones I do advise you stay away from blue until it's sorted =p.

  L'Oreal Feria Pastel Toning Conditioner
 Purple & Pink. I haven't tried these yet but they look really good! They also do a peach one so if they do one in a colour I have i will deffo try out!

 Touch Of Silver Silver Sensations Shampoo
If you wanna get it super blonde this is a life saver. Any PURPLE BASED shampoo helps and is great as the purple will reduce the brassy tones that come with going blonde. Also will give a great base to any pastel colour and keeping silver or lilac hair.

I really hope it helped in colouring your hair, and I would love to know how you get on!
☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆


  1. another amazing and well written post ^^
    I used to use the Turquoise with conditioner when I has blue hair :) I LOVE the apple green with conditioner though, it looks so pretty!!!

    1. Aww thank you!! You are such a great support with your lovely comments ^_^
      Aww that sounds lush! Do you think you will go back to pastel?
      Yes it's amazing, I would love to see that the alpine is like aswell
      But I think as mine lightens I will add green to it =p.
      Thanks hunni!!

  2. That apple green hair is soooo cute!!! I wish I still had blonde hair for it X0
    but I love your hair!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes I really liked it, I hope to get some new extensions soon and put it on them so it would blend into my current lilac =D
      Aww thats such a shame, you could always try hair chalks though =D
      Thank you for the lovely comment <3

  3. I've highlighted my hair twice from a faded 'natural' black dyed hair, I then put a ash blonde and mixed it with the 'touch of sliver' which turned my hair a ash blonde at the top and orange at the bottom.. I looked on the colour chart and it says the opposite of orange is blue so I'd have to use a blue based toner, so would the 'La Riche DIRECTIONS Silver' tone the orange down do you think? your hair is gorgeous, especially with the green! xx