Sunday, 24 March 2013

Purple Haze Hair Days

So as I mentioned yesterday im no longer 'FEELING BLUE' but in a PURPLE HAZE XD
Haha yeah im one clever SOB >..>, but im really loving the purple and I think I can get so much out of it. Plus purple does tend to be one of the longer lasting colours. 
As my >Feeling Blue< post seemed to go down well i'll do a purple version now ^_^, cos I love mood boarding anyways =p

Dark Purples (with hints of pink)

Mauve to Pinky/Purple
''Many pale wildflowers called "blue" are actually mauve. Sometimes mauve can be considered a purplish pink or a pale purple. Mauve can also be described as pale violet.''

Red Pinks

'NO PINK' Purples

Pastel Pinks & Purples

So thats where im at now. So much purple to think about!
I had my very electric blue hair i'd gotten from La riche midnight blue & conditioner, maybe I liked it more the first time cos i'd added silver (which is blue based) who knows.
I took my Rose red, after trying out a couple of different types! I did try my plum & conditioner but went too dark and I wanted a pink tone. And I tried my carnation pink but wasn't what I was looking for. This worked out the best (I was doing swatches on the ends of my hair from the back for a while XD)
& cos I can never cope with just one colour I added alpine green to the underside of my fringe
Lol at my clip head
& Magic Time
 It is so what I wanted!! There was no way I was going to go straight to what I wanted in one go, not with how blue it was. IT'S SO PRETTY. In some places it's pure purple, in others it's pink purple and theres tiny bit of blue in there to! And the alpine green looks super blue in the pic but it is actually a green-blue which I hope will go a teal colour, we shall see =D. Will get some better pics in daylight, lol, but the purple is pretty much true maybe a bit darker.

So what im going to do for now is let it fade out naturally in washes, give it a long self life and when it's very faded im going to give it super pastel pink washes, rather than bright pink ones. That way I can head towards the mauve colour which really love and then I can do it by eye with pink, purple and blues over time ^_^
YAY =3

☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆


  1. Oh my gosh! I love it! I love all the inspiration pictures as well! I miss my pink hair, booooo having to be sensible at work. :(

    1. Aww thank you so much Roybyn! I am really happy with it and can go so many ways with it ^_^
      Aww pink! Adorable, pink anlways looks good =D
      Oh No!! Sometimes I forget that not everyone can have their hair the way they want. I went straight from college to uni to working at home so i've never had it in my head.
      But maybe i'll put some information and idea's together for people who have a creative side and want to do more with their look but still be ok for the work place =p
      Thanks for your lovely comment ~<3

  2. you're killing me with all this hair inspiration!!!!
    i love the mauve/pinky purple and the pastel colours too.
    your hair looks so pretty ^_^ it's blended really well!!

    1. Aww well then im doing my job =D hehe Thanks hunni! I always love your comments =3
      Yeah thats what I like the most to! I will head in that direction for sure, keep adding pink as it lightens ^_^
      Yeah im really pleased with how well it went on, not sure if more will show up as it lightens but for now it looks blended well with highlights and lowlights, hee =D

  3. This is lovely! Can you tell us what brand of hair color you use?

    1. Hello Maria, thank you so much! Sorry I didn't mention the brand I think it is a previous post but here I have used La Riche Directions in lagoon Blue then added Rose Red to it to get the purple, but you can also use the plum with a touch of pink to get the same thing.
      Now I use pravana colours but Directions are still really good
      Hope this helped x