Saturday, 23 March 2013

Woe is my week

Oh wow I can't believe it's been over a week since my last post! It can really get away from you (well me anyway).
I do appologise, giving you guys so much good stuff then taking it away XD
But it has been a rough week with a loss in the family.

So I will get back on it, but in the mean time REJOICE in my new hair! Ha I KNOW there is something wrong with me XD
I liked the idea of having blue hair more than actually having blue hair.

So I got this (haha at my face!!)
It was a bit too 'electric' for me, and im not a person of patience when I couldn't see it going the way i'd wanted =p

And in my mind i'd moved on to
Haha yay =D

So I will do a more indepth post tomorrow but so far we've gotten to this
 Yep pink on blue makes purple! I used my Directions Rose Red & conditioner, then (ps. as you can see I can a fringe now to XD) I added pure alpine green (new in this week) to the underside of my fring to hopefully fade into a teal =D
Im really loving it and the way it's going, im going to keep adding pink for a while, fade it out then add more pink til im happy, then will make pinky/purple mixes to keep it up =D

TRESemmé Platinum Range
 Newly released range available from superdrug atm BETTER THAN HALF PRICE!! I didn't manage do get the shampoo & conditioner as they were sold out at the time, but got the Leave in treatment, the Strength Masque & the Strength Monodose shot.

 I've used the mask & leave in once and am very impressed so will do a full post after a couple uses & hope to get the shampoo & conditioner to.

Also it was my youngest (puppy baby XD) birthday this week, she was 1 year old yesterday =D. She's sooo adorable, this is Freida. Im so proud of her so I had to post =3

☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆


  1. Replies
    1. Aww thank you so much sweety! Im loving the purple ^_^

  2. omg your dog!!!!! squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so much cute ^_^
    your hair looks lovely, I like the blue too but it looks lovely whatever you do!

  3. Thank you!! She was one of 8 it sure was a handful XD
    Thank you so much. I did like the blue alot, but when I re-did it it wasn't what i'd wanted, and my mind wanders so much i'd moved on haha. But there is still a little greeny-blue in it at the front ^_^