Friday, 12 April 2013

Hella Craft Haul

YAY! I have been so low on getting parcels these days as i've been 'saving' lol
But had some aside to get some crafting going! YAY
I love getting cute accessories and they are almost always from other countries, but with the rise in postage it has really gotten up my nose. I wanted to get these super cute angel wing hair pins! They were like $4 or something, perfectly reasonable, but when I asked the seller what postage was (she so kindly looked into it for me) and it came back with shipping at $8! Like paying for the same thing 3 times, so no no, so wanted to give it a go myself ^_^

I've been into 'deco' and decoden for a long time, but never really entertained the thought of making my own and so it's spread onto all things kawaii for your hair, phone, ears, finger and so on! Hehe
I've been looking into it, and yeah im starting easy and going from there.

So the last of what I needed to get started arrived this morning so I though i'd share with you guys
I bought from:

First Hobbycraft!
I LOVE Hobbycraft. It is expensive, but I used to (there isn't one where I live now :'{ ) love walking around and around to see all the amazing craft stuff they had and sometimes you need to see what your getting or can't get what you need from anywhere else
DecoArt Crafters Acrylic Paint 59 ml
 I got some new acrylic paints! To change the colour of the clay (the clay im using) I found everyone saying you needed to do it with these. I got a couple of basic colours, although I wanted white aswell but they were out of stock of like every single one for some reason. So I want to build up some more over time.
Another reason I got them is because as it will say below you can use these on some clays to change the colour of them, but if I do ok ans I enjoy it and invest in better clays like Fimo (ovan bake ones) then I can use these to paint on them.
They were just under £1.50, a bit much for tiny bottles, but for what I want which is a pea size at a time they will go a along way and last ages.
DecoArt Americana Triple Thick Gloss Glaze 59 ml
 From all the how to youtube videos I saw everyone was using this product. Couldn't get it in any other size but small is good really, as it's only to top coat anything for a lovely gloss finnish and to give it a little strength

Next, to Etsy
 Grace Clay
''Grace Resin Art Clay - Japanese Brand - Air Dry Resin Art Clay
Weight: around 7oz/200g

1. A high quality clay which widely used for making miniature, sweets, jewelry, flowers and etc.
2. Normally, Grace resin art clay takes around 2-3 days to dry, has minimal shrinkage, is moisture resistant and holds very fine and delicate details.
3. Could be mix with common acrylic or oil base craft paints into this clay to achieve a variety of colours
So this is air dry resin clay, unlike (for example) Fimo & Sculpy clays which bake in the ovan. I wanted to start with this mainly cos it looks easier (for a beginner like me) and I didn't want to spend more money on individual colours where as I can make whatever colour I want with this again cos im a beginner. I haven't opened it up yet cos as an air dry clay when your not using it it has to be air tight or it will dry out in the packet :o. So my hopes are that I can practice with a little then do a bulk lot with one of the packets so I don't have to put half back. But i'll get some cling film anyway.

 So it comes as you see in 2 packets and every review I saw said ''I didn't think it would be so small'' so i'd prepared for something small but wow I didn't think it would be so small, lol. But really it's good. Looking at the size of the molds and the general size of charms it will go a way. And as an air dry I would worry it would dry out and be unusable. I've put in a can of coke really cos everyone knows how big they are so.......really small XDWhen I start doing it i will make a note of how many charms I get out of it ^_^

 More Etsy
MiniatureSweet on Etsy

I got a few things from here.
 I did shop around a little but only just getting started I didn't want like 100 of things XD, so I got a few things from one place. Plus she is really reasonable prices, inc shipping It was all like £15
So I got 2 molds (to start my collection), 10  phone straps, 10 hair pins & 50 screw eye pins.
 The phone straps, blank hair pics and screw eye pins
Flexible Silicone Molds
Heart Cat Cameo Mold & Cat with Bow
 So adorable right! Again I think I thought they would be a tiny bit bigger but really they are a good size for hair pins, ring, earing stuff like that. Also will do plain ones for deco (people who want to stick them to their phones and such).
I wanted more but thought I shoul go slowly. Started with 2 I thought people would like ^_^. You want one? Will be selling by next week I hope! =3

 I love seller who add a little extra!

 Strawberry Polymer Clay Cane (2.5cm Long) & Tracking Number (Registered Mail) and Free Gift
So you can get a tracking number with registered mail and a fimo cane for deco (nails) for less than $3 with was really good, just incase and then some more canes as free gifts! I do buy fimo but already cut but this is great cos I will use them ^_^
So apart from going out to look for some glitter this weekend (haha yes I will do some glitter ones to XD) im all ready to get started! I really want a little etsy store to sell some charms and stuff, so if anyone is interested please let me know! I can't wait for my first buyer. I have made an etsy shop and a storenvy shop but won't start selling until i've had a bit of practice and put up another post for people to see (I don't want to attract naughty people who will claim i've sent them something bum) lol
But if there is anyone here who likes the look of the molds and think they would like a hair clip or phone charm from them then please let me know  and I will get to practice ^_^

☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆


  1. Cute! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Yeeeeeeeey! I can't wait to see what you make \(^ ^)/ I love walking around Hobbycraft too haha but you're so right, it is expensive! I love the molds that you've bought too!
    Really looking forward to when your store opens. I'm in the middle of opening my own too so you'll have to send me a link to yours and i'll pop it on my blog :D
    have a great weekend sweetie

    1. Thank you Kat!
      I know I right, Icould be in there for hours
      Im so annoyed there isn't one here in Lincoln
      Aww yeah I thought they were really cute
      OMG THATS AMAZING! WE should be shop buddies!
      What kind of shop you opening?? Of course I will add you to so keep me up to date =D

  3. Such a cute haul! I can't wait to see your creations :D
    I miss phone straps, damn iphones have no 'hole' for them hah


    1. Thank you so much Sami! I can't wait to get started ^_^
      Yeah I have an ipod touch with the same problem, so I was planning on making iphone/ipod dust plug charms to =D