Wednesday, 17 April 2013

80 Today!

80 Posts that is! Lol 
Only 19 Away.......DUMDUMDUM
**giveaway sneaky peaky*
But im not here to wind you all up. Im here to give you a purple hair update
And I am loving it so much, I can do so much with it (will explain)

So yeah the ones above are a little adjusted
But heres how it really is, and it's really close to what it looks like (when I take pics it often changes the shade a little :o)
 The purple has paled out like I wanted.
Being onto of blue has made it a true lilac (blue toned purple) where as under neath & behind my ears the pink really took so it's more of a lavander (pink tined purple)
It also has these funny bits where i'd done testers before that haven't faded as much but I really like it

So it was like this after 1 wash <below>
The alpine green was really dark and took longer to fade

And then after about hmmmm 5-6 washes I got to this
Granted my hair fades faster than most, because i've been dying it for years, but it's held so well.
 And since this pic I had to do my roots, I ran the colour down through my hair it a tiny bit and it was so odd, it took out the purple and left super light pastel blue! I freaked for like 1/2 second and remembered it was blue first! So funny, but so pretty.
Then went over the whole thing with Direction Pastel Pink mixed with conditioner and I love it. I would say it is like a mauve now, Not quite pink and not quite purple. It made the blonde bits pink, the blue blits lilac and the bit that were still purple a pinky purple.
Then i'd taken out the alpine green and put in lagoon blue with lots of conditioner so its a pure pastel sky blue.
So above I said 'I can do so much with it' I mean now I can give it a pink wash (tiny bit of colour mixed with conditioner) for a pinky colour, or a purple wash to make it mauve and keep doing it to make it purple or even give it a blue wash and it would start to go lilac

So now (atm) we are at this!
  Sorry the pic arn't great, it is not a make-up day today but wanted to show you what I was talking about. It is a tiny bit more pastel pink in life.
I have been doing alot on my hair recently, lol sorry bout that not sure if it's too much? But I love to read update posts so I hope you guys enjoy them to =D 
I am just putting together a new video & post for some shoppingholics lenses so that will be up soon, if not next ^_^

☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆


  1. I was going to say you look very good for 80! ha ha ha!

    Loving the hair.

    1. Haha yeah im a real smart ass XD
      Thanks hunni! ~<3

  2. I LOVE your hair, it's so pretty! Can't wait to see your review of the lenses :)
    *follows you on twitter and facebook*

    1. Thank you hunni!! Im really happy with it
      Yay will get it up soon then =D
      Aww thanks sweety!! ~<3

  3. That outfit is so cute!!
    Much love,

    1. Aww thank you Wengie!
      And thank you so much for following ^_^