Friday, 5 April 2013

Morning Make-up

How do I get that pretty face?
Lol Joking I am not a fan of my face XD, but I try my best and was getting ready the other morning so thought i'd grab some pics to do a little post on what im using atm. Of course at some point I will do a more in-depth one but this is for now as im always changing it (as you all should every 6-12 months =p)

So here i've got a moisturizer, make-up base, 2 BB creams and concealer
I do use things like toner, although not right now as im between, which is very annoying. But I do also use Kuan Yuan Lian Cucumber Water (see my sasa part 2 post) before all this after I wash my face
Neogence Hyaluronic Acid
Olay Essentials
Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Make Up Serum >> details about it here << I ADORE this stuff. I put it on after washing & toner/cuc water in my case and then put my bb cream on. I use it instead of moisturizer but if my skin is super dry like on my nose and forhead I will add a tiny bit of the olay. It's so good at keeping sebum at bay and it has lasted ages as a tiny bit really goes a long way. It has a super odd feeling, like when you pump it out it feels really silky and almost 'greasy' but when you put it on it sinks into your skin in an instant and my skin feels so smooth. It does well to plump out pores a little even though thats not what it's for and is just the best make-up base i've ever tried. As it says in the link I get it from Sasa.
Olay Essentials Complete Normal to Oily Day Fluid SPF15 >> product info << I got this very recently. I used to use a garnier moisturizer for sensitive skin but had to give it up some time ago as it just wasn't working for my skin. I then tried to use oil free moisturizer and went through a few including the Garnier oil free (HATE IT) and the witch hazel (again no good) until I saw on stylesuzi that she had been using an olay one that was so good. Even though it's for normaly to oily skin it works really well, I use this at night and days I don't put make-up on and although it's stuggling with my new fringe it's holding up at 2 washes a day, which is less than the 3 I could be giving it (ah summer is coming, not looking forward to the heat, my poor skin). Plus having an SPF is great
Mac Prep & Prime
Mac Prep & Prime Skin Base Visage >> MAC << So on those really bad days when im feeling like I slept on my face on a bed of nails & Sandpaper XD this is my lifesaver! I put it on after my base/moisturizer but use litterally 1/3 of a pump on cheeks & chin! It bumps out porse, reduces shine and helps anything ontop stick better. I've just tried looking for it on the website but couldn't find it, but I got this in a debenhams with the advice this is what I needed for oily skin, but I still avoid my forehead which gets extra oily super quick, lol.

Dr. Jart+ Silver Label BB
Skin79 Orange BB
Dr. Jart+ SILVER LABEL Rejuvenating Blemish Base SPF 35PA++ THIS is my NUMBER ONE BB cream, I love it! It's got amazing coverage without being heavy. It may look dark but had the most amazing colour change and fits so well. Will do a fuller post on this when I get a new one =p. I get it from Sasa to. It is now available in Boots in the UK, but unless it's on sale (sometimes they do 1/3 off offers and such) it's daylight robbery otherwise! lol
Skin79 Orange Super Plus Triple Functions BB Cream >> Full post on the BB << This atm is my 'back up'. It's the best of the Skin79 ones and does a good job on my oily skin, but don't think it's gunna hold up as it gets warmer, we shall see =p

The best way to use BB cream is a little at a time. Take a small amount and dot it around the face and blend in with brush, sponge or fingers. Leave for a few mins and if you feel more repeat or just dot on areas that need a little more coverage. Always leave it for a few minutes for it to settle and oxidize when the colour change occurs and it sets.

Benefit boi-ing
 Benefit boi~ing 02 Firstly yes this is too dark for me XD. I didn't buy this my mum did who is darker than me, but as with alot of things she was 'blagged' into it by the sales girl and i did ask her to get the 01, cos I knew she'd use it like twice and give it to me XD, which of course did happen and i've ended up with it, but I really like it. When it runs out i am going to get it again in the number 01. So as its so dark the only place I can and do use it is under my eyes to cover up my dark circles. I dab a little on then mix it in with my urban decay (below) which evens out into a good colour as that is sooo light! So it does have a good coverage and am looking forward to having it in my sgade so I can use it all over my face

 Urban Decay 24/7
Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil - CIA/light ivory - this is what I use to brighten my under eye area and cover 'dark spot' and....spots lol. I do like this but I must admit it is very dry! When I get a new boi-ing I will only be using that and not this anymore as the coverage is good but not great for under my eye as it dries my skin out and same for 'trouble areas' lol.

I finnish up with Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 01 Transparent but haven't added it cos although I have used it for years, it's the best of a bad bunch XD. In all my life I haven't yet found my perfect powder! Shocking I know but im still looking. But it is ok, sets the make-up and makes sure the whole face is even ^_^

I hope to do a more indepth make-up & skin care routine soon
☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆


  1. I love to spy peoples products hehe :)

    For a powder, check Boots for 17 matte powder
    I swear by it, and it vanished for a while whilst they rebranded/updated packaging and I thought my life was over hahaha so glad it came back!


    1. Lol me to!! So I thought I should do my part to =p

      OMG Yes I will go and try!! Is it a pressed or a loose powder?
      Thank you so much ^_^

  2. I love posts like this hehe :) Thank you for sharing!
    I use the Boi-oing too, but in 01. I never used to like it but now my skin seems to take it quite well!

    1. Thank you ^_^
      Yeah I really like it, goes to prove how our skin changes over time, even a short time and things work that never used to
      I really need to get the 01 though, the Urban decay lightens the 02 but it dries out my skin