Friday, 10 May 2013

Finnish with some Foil Effect

Nail Look Tutorial
Matte Black x Foil Silver
So it's been a while since i've done any how to's that wern't hair and seeing as I have another hair post coming soon I will get up something different
And i've been meaning to do this one for a while cos I just love it and see alot of this look floating around. Now you can get it to with polish that is easy to get your hands on.
There are a coupld of ways for this effect so i'll show examples of all ^_^

:: START ::
 Apply any kind of black polish you like
Then get Barry M Silver Foil Effect polish. I have it in the 3 available shades Silver, Gold & Lilac (would really like them to make more) and really all 3 would look good against the black. But I know im wearing silver jewelry tomorrow so going with silver foil

 One way is to add the silver foil polish straight away and leave with a normal clear top coat. You can french tip it, or add across any way you like really. Mine is a bit rough as I don't have anything to make the lines straight, i've never been good at drawing french tips
This just leaves it with a shiny finnish which I really like

Another is to finnish with Rimmels PRO Matte Finish top coat. I LOVE this stuff, rather than going out and buying all your fav shades in matte polish you can just add this to anything, and can make some great effect nails. I like the foil polishes with this matte coat, the gold looks amazing with it, but with this particular look it's not my fav. If you do this and your of the same opinion as me then you can undo by either re-applying the foil polish to the ends or if you want it all over use a normal top coat polish and it will re-vert to a shiny finnish

 Lastly, as shown above you can add the matte coat after applying the black, then add on the foil
 I apologise for the skin around my nails, I suffer with dry skin and for some reason since moving to lincolnshire it's ever drier! Lack of rain maybe (Welsh joke =p)
So black polish & matte coat is on and you can really do anything with this. I would love to do the top pic but have no nail stickers (that come with alot of DIY french tip kits, shaped to the nail you can apply these sticky strips to your nail where you want the tip line then remove once dry) so I will give the french tip another go
HA that is some poor ass french tips, but you get the idea right
But this is my fav way of doing it! When I get my hands on some french tip strips I will do some different variations of this way of doing it. Stripes would be so cute
Let me know if you give this a try

☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆

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  1. wow it's so pretty, you did an amazing job!!! you always find the best nail varnish :)
    definitely want to see what the lilac looks like!