Friday, 3 May 2013


Just thought I'd make a post on how im doing with the clay and making charms!
Im really enjoying it, but im the kind of person that gets frustrated with myself so it's a bit hard at first, and it's taking me aaaaaages to make things XD

TAKO! Hehe more practise is needed on the face =p

Kawaii Tenshi Wings =3

Black wings, I did a few different kinds for practise

Working on chibi's! And different types of hair, was difficult as it dried as I was molding the hair

 Lol hair clip example XD

I've been finding the air dry clay very difficult to use tbh
It's great for molds, very easy as it sort of sets quickly so can be poped out staright away to air dry
But for other things like the chibi and the wings its not so good as it drys as im using it. I knew it would dry but makes like a skin very quickly so to make things like the hair for the chibis it's hard to work with, and then it's hard to bind it together, like when you add strands of hair.
However the whole point I got air dry was just to practise making shapes and things so I have a much better idea of that now and have some ovan dry polymer clay on the way =D
Can't wait to see how they look with faces and all glazed up ^_^

What kinds of charms would you like to see me attempt? Nothing too hard please XD
But I LOVE the tenshi (angel) wings. They look kinda Cardcaptor Sakura to me(I am in LOVE with all thinks CLAMP) so I will deffo be making those in all colours and choices of phone charms, hair clips, rings, ect. Maybe even have a go at Kero-chan hehe.
And going to do more work on the chibis to, I enjoyed making those even though they took me a while. Im sure it will get faster as I practise. I'd love to start making anime characters, I want to make myself the whole mugiwara crew =D  
☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆


  1. I've already said but they look totally adorabel! I love the black wing and the cute chibis ^^
    can't wait to see what else you make :)

    1. Thank you so much ^_^ I am so happy with the wings to
      Your lovely compliments really give me confidence to keep trying more ~<3

  2. The wings are so cute and I love the tako!


    1. Thank you Sami!! I will deffo keep practising those and be making wings and tako charms for the shop.
      The tako has the cutest face now =3

  3. These are so cute! You're doing so well, can't wait to see the finished products.

    1. Aww thnak you Robyn!! I can't wait to show you guys ^_^