Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Zombie Unicorn

Purchase Review on Store Zombie Unicorn

I've been watching some stuff on storenvy for a while now but finally jumped in and got my first order through there for these amzingly adorable hair clips!
A pair of Lilac Bone Clips &&&&& PINK DEVIL/ONI HORNS

Yay it's Here! Didn't take long at all. Hmmm.......I ordered it on the 5th May which was a Friday, so she probs couldn't ship it til the monday I expect.
It arrived on the 19th which is exactly 2 weeks from the order date.

Not the cutest wrapping i've seen of late, but safe and intact is what matters 

The inside of the parcel, bubble wrapped which I always like to see

The clips were wapped up to

I ordered a pair of lilac bone hair clips and a pair of pink devil horns.
What I really liked about this store is that the hair clips came in pairs! With other stores I've seen that although the devil horns always come in pairs you would normally have to order 2 to get a pair of, for example, the bone clips

Cute pastel hair clips. The price is for a pair!
Lilac- 6,5cm
Pink- 6,5cm
Mint- 5,5cm
Pearl white- 5,5cm 

Glow in the dark- 5,5cm

When I made the order there were only lilac and the pink available! I only wanted one pair just to see what they were like, but I could easily of gotten the pink to and would have also scooped up the mint and white if they were in. Im not sure if the others look different cos as it says above the Lilac & Pink are 6.5cm while the others are 5.5 and there wern't any pictures, so will have to wait and see if they become re-listed
They are so adorable! They arn't 'mold perfect' but I really like that, you can tell they are hand made. But in no way are they sloppy or shody she's done a really good job with them

 They have very VERY sturdy alligator clips. I dunno what they are glued on with buy they ain't coming off any time soon. Plus there is no glue sticking out or anything, very clean

Sorry they arn't better pics, my hair was NOT cooperating that day  
But it gives you a better idea of the size of them! They are bigger than I though they'd be and I really love them


Devil horn hair clips. They are handmade from polymer clay, no molds used. They are available in different colors. They can be more pointy or stubby, you decide! Also taking custom orders. They are around 3cm tall. 
Available in (At the time)

When I made this order the purple ones were out of stock which I would have gotten but I really wanted the pink ones aswell. A good amount of colours to choose from and I love the option of having pointy or stubby ones! I like the stubby ones but it's so nice people can choose

Adorable! I've wanted a pair of horn clips for such a long time! I am so impressed with them, they are made extremly well and a lovely pastel colour WITH a pearlized effect on them. Glazed really well they have a lovely shine on them

Again on super sturdy easy to use alligator clips. They are really on there and I can't see a trace of glue anywhere!

Really they can be pointed up or down, both ways sooooo cute! Maybe upwards (below) is more devil horn but downwards (above) in slightly more oni horn

I wish I could show it better but you can kind of see in this picture the peral effect on them, super nice

Again sorry for the poor pictures, but you can see how adorable they are!! I would love these in more colours

 The store is in Poland so adding on the $5 shipping to the UK I am very happy with the price. Delivery was fast considering I have waited much longer for orders in the past. 
I have spoken with the store owner and she seems really nice which is always a plus when buying handmade items!

All in all im very impressed with how well they are made, and simply how cute they are! I would buy from again

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    1. They are arn't they, thank you so muuuuuuuch ~<3

  2. I love both the bones and the horns. I really want hair horns as well, so I'm definitely going to take a look at her store ^^

    1. Thats great!! If you do get a pair you can post some pics here?


  3. Sooo cute, thanks for sharing these :D


  4. eeeeeps! so much CUTE! it's all adorable, I think the horns are my favourite :D Thank you for sharing this hun, great review!

    1. so so so cute! Mine to i've wanted some for the longest time. Thank you