Sunday, 2 June 2013

June Haul

Thats right it's only the 2nd of June and I have a haul already! Well I went shopping this weekend which I haven't been able to do for a loooong time so had fun.
And then a little pic about what im 'sporting' atm


Well this is 100% Kat's fault!! She posted about the new Barry M effects On HER BLOG and I just had to get them!!
I Will do a full post on them

So I grabbed this up! It's a set of travel size cosmetic containers, for putting in cosmetics for plane journeys mainly.
I've been meaning to get something like this for a while and it's so handy to have! A couple weeks ago I dropped a tresemme hair product and the pot (although plastic) like exploded and there was a huge crack in it, so I had to take everything out and find a jar to put it in! Im always dropping things so this happens to me alot. Plus i've had to open up my BB cream and scrape every little bit of the sides to get enough to last til my new one comes, so thats in the little jar now

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner Nude

 Few! Been looking for one for a while. It's a nice nude so for the waterline not as harsh as white when I want a more natural look but still want bright eyes

YES! I DID IT! I worked up the courage to buy a red!!
And I did say in my post about the Rimmel Lip Laquers that if I was going to get a red it would be this one. Well I tried it in the store and got my mums approval, which is a shock in itself
I will do a full post on this to

 And then when we got back to the car  
They were just sitting there with all the cars going past! Luckily it was getting close to closing time so not many new cars were coming in


This store is amaing! I've known about their website for a while now and they have some great baking and cooking gear! I wish I could have spent more time in there but they were ready to shut up just as a found it. Like literally stumbled upon it even though i've been looking for it for a while

 I have wanted these for aaaaaaaaaaages! All attempts at 2 colours in one piping bag were....yeah
These have two compartments for two types of icing to make lush effects

 Extracts for yum yum cupcakes & cakies
Orange Blossom, Rose & Lavander


CUTE! Always looking for scissors round here, they seem to walk off 

A couple smelly sachets for downstairs, super yummy

 Room defusers! The most amazing smells for my bedroom (the rose) and my mums

And they shall NEVER be used

Super cutie cake tins!
Looking for extra room storage for make-up and god knows what else we collect, these are great and a bargain compared to things made for make-up


& *drum roll please*
I got my paws on the Urban Decay Glinda Palette!
As i'd put in my 'Looking Forward To' post I really wanted this palette! *Breaks down and sobs with joy

 & Of course will do a full post on it!

There was also food shopping, a couple of things for the charm making and a whole hella lot of toys for my babies! (The DOGS! haha)

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  1. Awwww! Those ducks!

    Looking forward to seeing the Glinda palette. I was disappointed with the sequin nail effects, which is really annoying as I love Barry M, I hope you get on better.

    1. So cute! Couldn't believe they were just sleeping there in that parking space.

      I have tried the Glinda palette already and OMG!! STUUUUNNING
      And yeah I've tried the Barry M polishes already and we;ve had fights, lol

      Thank you for your comment ~<3

  2. n'awwwww those ducks!!! and your dogs are adorable!!!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing your post on the Glinda Palette, Urban Decay is amazing ^_^ You really suit the red lipstick too, you should totally wear it more often!

    hehe I hope you like the Barry M polishes :D cute post!!!

    1. Aww thank you!! I love my doggies soooo much!

      Yes can't wait to do it, I am so pleased with it. Ahhh thank you!! I really couldn't wear/haven't worn red lipstick or anything; ever. I was so shocked when my mum went 'oh...that's actually really nice'. I LOVE my mum but you can kinda see why im quite self conscious right =p

      Thank you!!! ~<3

  3. Youre so cute :3 :3
    and now I want cake! XD


    1. I AM!! OMGOMG =3
      Thank you, I really don't get called that.....ever. Thank you! Your so sweet
      Ha well i'd love to make you some one day!! If I can ever get up the courage to go to one of the many amazing meet ups all over the country I swear I will bring a load of cupcakes =D