Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Love Love Loveshoppingholics

I know I order from this shop alot but hey if it ain't broke don't fix it!
I have never had a problem with this store, infact they tend to go above and beyond for customers

 Ahhh so fast! Ordered on June 3rd it arrived on the 10th! ONE WEEK. The inside of the package was bubble wrapped as always everything safe and sound
So excited
 Got it all out
SCORE! I love seeing a package all spread out like this

Soooooooooooooooo Adorable!! A teddy keyring free gift. What a lovely gift
How nice it that! A Thank you note and a reminder to soak your lenses lol
 Masks N Stuff, YAY
Two Love♥More Masks, I LOVE THIS BRAND. I got Provence Lavender Whitening Mask & Japanese Pearls Firming & Whitening Mask. I've already tired the lavander one and it feels great! 
 Free Gifts, can never have enough eye masks
All warpped up in bubble wrap was this little cutie...What is it I hear you ask?

A New LENS CASE! So Cute!
Inside is a lens holder, solution bottle & lens tweezers.
 As you can see the tweezers are super soft and bendy, no ripping the lenses

New Lenses and so upcoming Reviews
I got 2 pairs of new lenses, im low atm as all my old ones expired haha
And for my last reviews I got a free pair. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT they sent me a newer brand, guess that means im doing well
Next stop...sponsors! (I wish)

 GEO Super Nudy Brown
 I've had these before so they are replacements
> Product <

Princess Mimi Apple
Then a new try for me, i've tried the Princess Mimi Bambi and loved them so looking forward to try these
 > Product <

EOS 3-tone Gray
 And these were my free ones! OMG lush can't wait to try

So looks out for the upcoming reviews for these three!
Thank you so much Loveshoppingholics!

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  1. So much cute stuff in your package!! :O
    Really like the look of the grey lenses, may have to get myself some XD

    1. I know right! this store is so generous
      I was so shocked and happy to get them, I will do the review ASAP then =D

  2. The bunny lens case is so cute! The lenses look pretty, I'll be looking forward to the reviews :)

    1. I know right! So adorable and so functional.
      Thank you, I am working on the first already =D

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. They sell loads!! Circle lenses, asian brand make-up and skin care, accessories and cute fashions, just loads ^_^

  4. so much amazing stuff!!! I'm so tempted to shop with them now hehe I love your little travel case, it's TOO CUTE!
    The lenses look lovely too, can't wait to see your review and yeeeeeeeeey for the free pair!

    What are the masks like? I really want to try some but my skin is so sensitive, I tend to just stick to Lush masks but the Asian ones looks awesome!!!!

    1. I am not sponsored by this shop so all the nice things I have said are straight from me, no imfluence, lol. Shipping to the UK is great to so I do love this store. Sooo cute right. =p

      Me to! Working on the EOS right now =D

      The masks are great! I really like Love<3More but if you have very sensitive skin (and my personal fav brand) try the My Beauty Diary masks!! All of them are amazing and some are designed for the most sensitive skin, I have not had a problem with them so I hope they could work for you to =3


  5. I love their store! I just got my package from them yesterday~<3
    The bunny case is just too cute Q u Q
    Im excited to read your reviews! :D

    1. Thats great! I really to rely on this store =D
      It is, im super happy with it <3
      Thank you!! Im working on the first already ^_^