Thursday, 1 May 2014

My 'Nerdy Little Secrets' is not so secret

Nerdy Litte Secrets Purchase & Item Review

So I made this purchase the longest time ago and im so angry with myself that it has taken me so long to do this review, but with my next post being number 100 I have no choice but to finally do it! 
When I made this purchase I had wanted to buy from Nerdy Little Secrets for ages, it is the cutest Etsy store and one of my fav places to browse around. When I get round to it I will deffo make another buy from them as my first purchase was just fab couldn't fault the store, owner/owners, or items!

Package arrived quickly with everything safe and sound inside with a bubble wrapped envelope

Inside everything is wrapped up, the antlers have extra bubble wrap to prtoect the little bits that stick out

A lovely note. It's the extra touches like this that make wonderful sellers and you know they care!

Fairy Kei Lolita Antlers Hair Clips (Lavender)
image from nerdylittlesecrets
Item Description:
Hand-sculpted out of polymer clay!  
Available in I think any colour as it is made to order but does do the basics Black, purple, pink and so on

Lovely shape and nice size. I also like the clips as they are a good weight so you know they will stay in and be secure
The clip is well secured to the base to, and very little if no trace of glue or bond, FAB
The pin inside is hidden when its in and the clips themselves are easy to hide in you hair

Very happy, a wonderful item to add to your hair for any kawaii look & more
Made well and easy to use

Pastel Octopus Tentacle Earrings
image from nerdylittlesecrets
Item Description:
These earrings are HAND SCULPTED out of polymer clay
Again ''Not the right color? Contact me! I can make you a pair with any colors you'd like!''
AND ''Want them smaller? Bigger? Contact me!'' So you can have them any colour and any way you want, so nice

I saw these and thought they were so so so adorable! I really like the cute shape and they are so well made. With a range of different colour combinations, mostly in pastel shade, I would love some more!

As with the antlers everything is such good quality and stuck on very well, I can't find any glue or bond and as I have made things like this myself I know thats hard to not have a bit of glue pop out once in a while

So Cute!

Back when I had pink hair
But they go with any colour!

 Overall I couldn't fault anything from this store, thank you so much Nerdy Little Secrets! I will purchase from you again
These and so so so so much more to see, please go take a look! I know I will
 Nerdy Little Secrets

Just a note to say........
And the giveaway will include the super cute and must have antlers in this post!


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