Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Accessories April

New Look, Claire's & Primark Accessories

Just wanted to share a couple of really cute things I picked up recently, ready for summer outfits!

 New Look

 Cream Rose Bun Hair Garland
So this was the reason I made the order. I didn't really think about bun garlands before but having been putting my hair up alot recently when I saw them I couldn't stop thinking about them. I got the one from claire's first and was going to make another order for some different ones from there, but luckily I had a lookie on new look first and im so glad I did. These are more of a fabric where as the claire's one is like a plastic.
The new look ones are both so pretty, and I wish I got more now, there was a larger rose pink one and coral pink one, I think I may have to order them to now.

The one above is available in White, Pink, Coral, Red & Black
The one below is available in Pink and Red
There is also a daisy one
Pink Rose Garland Bun Hairband
They had the white one above in pink but for some reason went for this smaller one. I think cos I haden't seen them I was worried about them being a bit too big, but I was stupid. It can never be too big! Ha well I do like this one alot anyway, still very cute. Think I will order the larger pink one to though 

Pink and Black Palm Tree Scrunchies
I really liked the look of these, I was going to get some over sized scrunchies for hair buns anyway but liked these alot more when I saw them as they have the extra little 'ears' which have wire in them so you can shape them, really suuper cute 

 Soft Blonde Supersize Bun Shaper
30pk Kirby Grips
 I did get a smaller bun shaper a while ago and I haven't tried using it yet but wanted a bigger one and I wanted some kirby clips to hold it in. With my pastel hair I thought blonde would be the best as neither come in purple or blue or pink haha

Blue and Gold Bulldog Hair Clip
Light Pink and Gold Bulldog Hair Clip
£2.50 each
I really liked the colour of these, and I haven't bought new bulldog clips in ages
BUT I was disappointed when the covering fell off the pink one before I even used it! So I had to glue it back on and it's been ok so far  

9 Pack Multicoloured Pastel Stud Earrings
Well as you can see from all my bun accessories I am into wearing my hair up alot these days and with that you can finally actually see my ears so I can start wearing earrings again, and these looked so cute for just a bit of colour and I can coordinate with my eye shadow  

I don't really buy from claire's very often, alot of it is for 'the young ones' lol, but they do have some nice finds for all!

Floral Print Toothed Headband
I have been desperate for a new head band and this is just lovely. Some from claire's can be just too tight but this fits perfectly and I can't even feel it on. I really like the teeth to, holds my new short fringe back with ease

Neon Coral Flower Bun Garland
This was the main reason I ordered from Claire's, I really liked the idea of a bun wrap. The wire base is easy to wrap around a number of different sized buns and the pattern on the flowers is pretty. However to the touch it does feel pretty cheap, plastic like, I personally think the ones from new look are nicer but will still enjoy using this

Large Leaf Drop Earrings
Shell Owl Chandalier Earrings
So yeah I was putting in an order anyone and earrings were buy one get one free, so I went through all the earrings and got about 6 I liked but I really liked the look of the owl ones. I haven't really been a 'big earring' kinda girl but I like alot of them out now so im gunna jump into it! Both quite light, the owl earrings heavier but the leaf ones are like nothing

Silver Claw Ring
I love rings like this and have really always worn rings in the middle of my finger, even before it was 'the thing', lol, not cos im cooler than everyone but because I have fat fingers and find it hard to find rings big enough!! Ahaha 

Ok so I went on a bit of a primark binge. I didn't get many accessories as it was mostly all home and decor, some lush lights, bedding and more which I will share when I do my room post and I don't recal the names or prices sorry.

 Trio Ring Pack
I have bought so many rings from Primark, they have a great range of sizes and thier large fit my lil wigglies (for the most part). Plus I don't recal the price but I know it won't have been much, and the pink stone one is so so pretty

Leaf Warp Ring
Gold Triangle Black Stone
Not sold together, two singles, I really was taken back by the leaf one. Not only is it hard to find rings my size but wrap rings that cover so much of the finger is a real bonus. Bit upset though as i've gone and broken it! Will try and glue it back together but I don't think you can notice it when it's on. And I like the black stone one alot, don't need to wear anything more accessories when wearing this

Not On The High Street . Com
So I had never used this site before, but I was sat here at a 100% loss at what to get me mum for mummy day, then an advert came on for this site and I thought i'd have a look. Long story short I got my mum some lovely stuff and came across these in my search for 'unicorn', as I do on every site

Vintage Enamel Unicorn Earrings
 Seller: Hannah Makes Things
I just love them, love love love

Just a note to say........
This is my 98th post, OMG and so my 100th post is coming up soon!
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