Thursday, 10 February 2011

Geo Xtra WI-A24 : Xtra Sakura BROWN

Geo Xtra WI-A24 : Xtra Sakura BROW
Review & Pics

OK so I am so excited to tell you about these lenses, I LOVE THEM
I got these from My Candy Eyes and atm everything is $20.00 with free shipping worldwide
I don't know what is was about these lenses that made me really want them, I think it was cos my first 3 pairs were 'average' size, then I bought the Geo Super Nudy Brown, and I just couldn't get over how much I loved the huge look, and the color, cos I already have brown eyes I thought i'd be lovin the blues and greens more =p

These Lenses are the Xtra, so are 15.00mm in diameter, which is as far as I know one of the largest sizes atm. They have a large dark circle around the outside, which is supposed to give a very 'dolly' and very cute look, which I agree with, very very dolly =3. They are also one of the most popular with japanese celebs atm (I read somewhere)
Comfort wise i've only worn them the once, and being GEO they are very comfy, plus with the size being bigger I do not notice a difference from my super nudy, or plain nudy.

IN ALL I give these lenses 9/10
The minus 1 being my super nudys are a tiny tiny bit more comfy, but I just love the look I get from these I really do

As for My Candy Eyes, Delivery took about 3 1/2 weeks, and I did mail them in that time (being a silly worry that I am, thinking there was something wrong and they hadn't been sent out yet) but got a reply right away telling me there was no problem and they had been sent out to me and I would get them soon, which I did. ALSO, I do live in UK so things do take a little longer to get to me, than they probs would to US ect. AND delivery was FREE so we should be happy, WHICH I AM hehe
Thay have a great selection of huge lenses, and more so please go have a look, would buy from again *thinks of what yo get next*

Also Pretty& has these lenses in stock atm, and I have used that site before and they are one of my favs sites and are 100% trust worthy so either site I would recommend to get these lenses from!

Click to Link:

My Candy Eyes - GEO XTRA Sakura

Pretty&Cute  -Xtra 2tone: WI-A24 (Go to make up > circle lenses > geo)

 Inside With Flash

Inside Without Flash (lamp light)

Normal Light

Bit Closer
Im'a So Happy =3

Product Info:
Color: Brown / Blue / Green / Violet / Grey / Pink
GEO XTRA Sakura WI-2 Series Cirle Lens

Usage Modality:  Yearly
Diameter: 15.00mm
Base Curve Radius 8.40~8.60mm

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  1. Thanks for the review!!! I really like them on you :)

    New follower

  2. I got the same on Solution Lens but because I bought 2 pairs I got a 3rd pair for free, like it so much !!! Your photos are nice also. Thanks.