Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bats in my hair

sassyNpunk Boutique
Bat Hair Clips
& Heart Ring

 First of all HOW CUTE IS THAT! Super cute bag it came in, and of course it was all bubbles wraped so arrived safe and sound! It did take a while to get to me, but I am in the UK so I put it down to that not sassyNpunk =]

Pastel Bat Hair Clip
''Pastel bat hair clips in 3 yummy creamy colors! Choose from pink, blue, or purple. 
One inch clip fixed on back''

Save me from how cute these are! I had been following sassyNpunk for some time before I bought from them and they have so much adorable stuff to choose from, but seeing these I couldn't resist any longer! Lol
AND THEN I couldn't even choose which colour to get XD So all three it was!
So bad.....................But So cute!

They are very well made and sturdy, don't look like they will fall apart any time soon =p.
And the colours are lovely.
Really pleased with them, more so than I even thought I would be. Really happy at how well made they are considering they are not very much, $5, so just over £3.

I don't think they do these exact ones anymore but they do have a newer version which is just as cute! Although I prefer this blue to the new one
> Pastel Bat Hair Clips <
But they do still have some super cute pastel bat brooches, exactly the same as these <3 

Pink Sweetheart Ring
 ''One inch heart shaped pendant with tiny pink hearts cast inside. One pink gemstone embellishes the outside. Ring is adjustable. One size fits all''

I got this as an 'add-on' because what I really wanted was the clips, but its so cute!
It's heart confetti set in plastic or resin or something, with a cute heart stone of front. What did suprise me was the adjustable band around the side, the detail is so adorable! And really felxible to easy to adjust or in my case mould around my finger (large fingers XD).

Very pleased to have ordered from sassyNpunk, so many amazing things in thier shop and always adding new adorable things.


☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆


  1. OMG those bat clips, WANT! <3
    lovely review sweetie, think i might get some of those clips hehe

    1. Thank sweety! I know right, so cute!
      I don't think they do these ones anymore but had a message from sassyNpunk on facebook and they do these ones now, so will go add the link to the page

      Thank so much for your lovely comments Kat!
      Jo <3