Sunday, 27 January 2013


Lip Water Tint Cherry Juice & Pink Juice & Orange Juice
Review & Swatches

The Korean brand Peripera and graphic artist Mari Kim 마리킴 have teamed up to create pretty packaging for a new revamp to the brands tint line! 
Most people into K-pop will recognize Mari Kim’s art style. She worked with the K-pop group 2NE1 on the music video for “Hate You”

So again like with the lip jelly you have the signature art from Mari Kim
Really adorable

I got this in all three colours available
1. Cherry Juice
2. Pink Juice 
3. Orange Juice  
 From seeing the product pictures I felt I would use all three

 ~ Red Juice ~

~ Orange Juice ~

~ Orange Juice ~ Red Juice ~

~ Pink Juice ~

Using the pink i did a layer, then ont he right side waited til it was dry and added another. Allowing it to dry then adding more will build up the colour without it bleeding or running out.
 < After washing my hands >
As you can see it's a true stain. I left in on a little while then tried to wash off, but IT DID COME OF eventually so it's not like it dyed my hand XD
This really does last well when eating and drinking. I love to put it on before I go out, then take out a gloss or the lip jelly with me cos this colour of the stain will stick just need to top up the gloss after eating and drinking.

 This really does go a long way, being a water tint just one or two drop is needed in the center of your lip. Using too much will cause bleeding out of the lip so care is needed but using a little goes a long way, leave to dry then adding more will deepen the colour
I really do love these. The 'bitten' or 'ombre' lip is so popular and easy to make with these. And it really stains the lip so does last for ages. The biggest impact other than the strong colours is of course the art work, so cute. 

The only draw back would be the drying time, if you accidently apply too much im afraid to move incase it comes off on my teeth! Haha but aslong as our carful it's all good XD

When I do any looks using these I will tag them into this post

And because I love this video here it is! (again XD)
It was actually MY FIRST K-POP!! Lol, there was a snippit in the corner on youtube of the totally lush art and I had to look, and thus I was a k-pop junkie (to go along with my J-pop addiction) =p

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  1. Great post!
    The packaging is so cute, the colours are lovely too.

  2. Thanks Kat! I know it's so adorable right ^_^
    Will put up some pics of it on =D