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MeMeMe Lip Cream
Review & Swatches
Cherub Blush 'Gaia' & China Rose 'Eva'

I Really like MeMeMe Cosmetics. They are rich in colour and in texture! 
I have quite a few of the nail polishes and here 2 of the lip creams! I went with a lovely peachy-nude called Cherub Blush or 'Gaia' and a lovely pink China Rose or 'Eva'. All the lip colours have their own names which is really cute.
''Long-lasting lip colour enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E''

Cherub Blush 'Gaia'

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''The heavenly gods descended from Gaia, the Earth Mother and the source from which arose divine inspiration''
As written on the side of the lipstick box

These lipsticks are truley a lovely creamy texture. Really rich in colour.
I was really looking for a nude lipstick when I picked this one up, but it is a nice colour. Quite peachy but not too much with a very faint scent to them of like plastic? Or something. Can't smell once it's on so it's ok. I prefer to put this on lightly by 'dabbing' on my lips as the one this I think I dislike is that they are so creamy they almost slide around your lips, if thats understandable XD. It's not that it's an unpleasent feeling more that when I look if i've put too much on it does that thing where it looks like you've put like a jelly on your lips or something XD. But when applied the way I like it gives a lovely full looking lip.

China Rose 'Eva'

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''The innocent and angelic Eva, the embodiment of life, danced across the land with the grace of an angel''
As written on the side of the lipstick box

Again no major issues with this either, same as above aslong as I apply the way I like it, not too full on it's great.
The colour I love, exactly what I wanted when I bought it. Such a cute pink great for all kinds of looks and a lovely feeling on the lip. And again a faint scent but it's fine.


I Love to wear these! They really are a creamy texture. I wish I could wear the darker colours as the look amazing and may try the deep red 'Ruby Rich' and will see if I can get away with this.
Also my sister has tried the Light me Up Lip Gloss and said it was really good, so will try that aswell.

Link to the MeMeMe site

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