Thursday, 24 January 2013

Lime Crime

Lime Crime Magic Dust
Medusa & Diva
Review, Swatches & Video

 The little pots are so cute.
But have alot of powder in them. Safe and sound in their own little boxes they are so adorable

 Opened Up Theres Lots Of Powder. 
Im not really sure why I went for these out of all of them, There was alot of beautiful stuff to choose from. I knew from the pictures I loved how deep the black in Medusa was, but with that stunning green shimmer I had to have it. And with the diva I think I wanted an almost 'everyday' shadow but with a bit of sparkle. I Got IT

You have to be extra careful you don't lose any when you open them up, but you only make that mistake once XD. But when it comes to glittery shadows I much prefer loose shadows like this as I think the glitter and shimmer comes through better.
But there might be alot of fallout so take care & using primer will help alot.

 I just love them!
 You can see the shimmers of green&blue in the Medusa and the almost orange gold in the Diva, the pigment is so strong. Very light powder, not clumpy like some

Very Happy to buy from Lime Crime and will do again!
Everything Arrived Safe And Sound With Fast Delivery, Good Prices And A Wide Range Of Unique Items, And Growing.
''Lime Crime: Always Be a Unicorn''

Wearing Diva & Medusa
But the Medusa is in the corners so you can't see it well

Lime Crime Do Not Make Magic Dusts Anymore
But Have A Large Range Of Other Amazing Cosmetics
And Is Growing
If I Ever See Anywhere That Still Has Some Or They Do A 'Flash Sale' Where They Still Have Some I Will Post It Up On Facebook & Twitter, So Be Sure To Follow!

HOWEVER They still do amazing palettes with shimmer & matte shadows
& some stunning new body glitters that can be used along with them
I hope to get my hands on them soon and they will be straight up on here =D
THIS WAS NOT A SPOSORED POST - These Are My Own Thoughts
☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆


  1. so pretty, i love the darker one! the packaging is adorable too!
    I've never tried Lime Crime before but I've heard so many good things about them, might have to try it now :D

  2. Thank you for reading! Yeah they are really nice. Such a shame they don't to these powders anymore, but the palettes are to die for!

    Jo ~<3