Friday, 25 January 2013

Shoppingholics & Circle Lenses Order & Video Review
Japan Barbie Eye Princess Lace Brown

Please Watch In HD

♦ Origin: Korea ♦
♦ Diameter : 17.5mm ♦
♦ Water Content : 48% ♦
♦ Base Curve : 8.6mm ♦
♦ Life Span : 1 year disposal ♦ 

Product Info:
Color: Brown, Blue, Green, Viloet, Pink, Black & Chocolate
Brand: Barbie Eye 
Type: Japan Barbie Eye Princess Lace Brown

< Inside Light >

< Natural (Outside) Light >

< To The Side >

I REALLY Like these lenses! Even with their huge size the are very comfortable (not the most comfy i've ever had but still very very comfy) . And the look is so adorable! As you can see it's a very obvious look so not for ones looking for a natural look XD,

I Would love to try these in more colours. I was tempted to get the chocoalte which is just the lace design in brown rather than these which is the lace design in black with brown between, but I thought I would go for these as I love dark ring lenses, I don't mind if it's obvious im wearing lenses =p

These are the second kind of lenses i've gotten from the brand Barbie Eye, the Barbie Eye Super Nudy being the other and they are really good, well made and comfortable with huge size and super cute designs. The colours also seem to be very strong but would like to try more dfferent colours before I can stick to that XD.

AS ALWAYS Love, currently in contact with them and they always reply and are so helpful! Im sure they'd help you any way they can with any problems and questions you have so really are my 'place to get circle lenses & more!'

Very happy with them, Thanks so much reading!

< Super Cute Case Thingy They Came In >

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These were my own thoughts of the lenses and the shop

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  1. So pretty, the lenses are gorgeous and i love the colour!
    Great review

    1. Thank you so much Kat! I am still not confident with my reviews at all so that means so much
      Thank you =D ~<3