Monday, 4 March 2013

Grit it up

Barry M Textured Nail Effect

''Channel East End cool by adding some grit to your nails! Textured Nail Effect’s grainy, matte formula creates a unique textured effect for a grunge-chic look. Available in 4 Spring/Summer shades named after famous haunts where Mr Barry Mero began his early working days in the markets of South and East London''

Atlantic Road                     
This is the one I got first. A lovely pale blue 
yet, as with all of them so opaque 

Kingsland Road
A super pretty pale pink with a pint of low tone peach. They are all very matte and dry so quickly

 Ridley Road
An almost aqua, blue with green tone or a green with blue tone. Super pretty very 'my colour'

Station Road
So refreshing to get a bright BRIGHT yellow. I hate using yellow polishes as they are glomy and never opaque. Enter THIS one, yay

I was really like 'huh' when I heard about these! Such an odd concept to me as we all love a smooth shiny nail. I really didn't even want to try it, but I thought 'oh for blog's sake i'll give it a go' and im really suprised!
The texture really is odd and im still not used to it, but the colours are amazing! So bright and SO OPAQUE and I LOVE oqaque pastel nails, but with pastel colours it's so hard to get oqaque. They tend to clump and it just drives me around the bend, but it was so easy with these.
They are VERY watery, but easy to control. 2-3 coats are easily done at the rate they set and it feels like my nails are rock hard! Lol.
They dry really quickly, which may be something to do with the odd texture, which I must say is growing on me but for me the best thing about these is the easy you get the beautiful colours.
It has a Matte finnish but I do have a top coat on the above picture so thats why it looks shiny, and also why it looks not as rough as it actually is. And I don't think my nail polish has ever looked so eaven around the edges. You could almost push it around the inside nail line without it starting to dry.
The one odd thing was the rough outer edge, I felt like I could do permanent damage if I gave someone a scratch, but easily went away after half a day of doing things! Or could have just been filed away
Very shocked at how this effect is growing on me, very happy with the colours and intend to collect all of them, if for nothing else then the beautiful pastel colours. But the effect itself Im coming around to XD. I like Matte nails so it's fine =p
☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆

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  1. It's a really pretty effect!
    I saw these today but I had the same reaction as you so I just got the mint/green colour but as a normal paint not an effects one.
    The blue colour you're wearing is lovely :)