Thursday, 7 March 2013

Feeling blue ...... hair

So i've done a series of posts on coloured hair, how to bleach, what to use, how to maintain, ect and they seem to be popular so I will continue to do updated posts on coloured hair. It's very popular atm but i've been in love with it for years. And so with that in on blue now! Or blue green as im undecided =D

It's currently this (right) and this is as I explained in my hair post darker than you would do for pastel hair but thats because i've decided to stick with the blue (or blue like greens) for a while and I did it dark to stain the hair and in the long run make my pastel blues last longer.

However after having the blue i've been looking into other blues and theres alot of shades I really like! I think blue can be underestimated. Light pastel blues can go with every single other pastel colour, purples and pinks more so! And can excentuate greens. And darker blues can be made deeper and have different 'levels' with greens, purples or black!

So this is kinda like a colour board post, for different kinds of blues I really like but am at a loss as to where im going with mine now! Haha

Pale/Patel Blue
This is what I was originally aiming for, but now after seeing other shades im not sure. But they are still in the running of course! They look so pretty and not 'cold' in anyway but 'fresh' and theres something about it thats like looking at fresh clean snow...if that makes sense XD

Dark Blue
To have a dark blue is easy, to have a deep blue with dimension is a bit trickier. Im not PERSONALLY into the electric blue look so im looking into the deeper blues more so and as far as I can see adding in black is how you get it! (BELOW) But I have never put black in my hair as i've put in dark brown on and it soaked it up like crazy and looked almost black for ages >..<. So I would be a TINY bit worried about how my hair would cling to the black more so than the blue so im looking into it more! It's always to do alot of research before any colour! but I hate seeing a really good tutorial on youtube and not knowing what it looks like after 2 washes! Haha I WANNA KNOW PEOPLE XD. Anyway if I find out more info i'll put it up! But I really like the above 3 and I will look into other brands to see if there are blues that match them

Blue Green to Green

I Love This! Im so into green hair, but done a certain way and blue green is just lovely. But I don't want to end up with Turquoise hair. The top 2 are probs a bit too turquoise for where I wanna go, but I really do love them! The middle 2 are really beautiful, so with my blue base adding a dark deep green to them would get me to this! And i'd like to see that as it lightens, it would maybe to sea green or something which I LOVE (the colour of my bedroom! haha)


 Mint green has to be my fav colour i've ever had my hair. It's a very high possibility I will go back to that, but having it is a pain in the bum as it does need to be re-done after every 2-3 washes! But I think it is well worth it and may be easier to upkeep with green now I have a blue base!

 I ADORE this colour!! Not really sure what blues i'd have to use to get it though :-/
Of course seeing a picture you will never get it to EXACTLY how you've seen it but I really like that as every time you dye it it's really your own! But it's still nice to have an idea to aim at XD

I found all these images on Tumblr, if it's your image and your not happy with it up please let me know and I would take it down straight away, but if it's up it means I love it
☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆


  1. wooooooooah that last image is AMAZING!!!
    I love blue hair lots, I used to have mine Turquoise!
    I hope you find the colour that you like soon, experimenting is always fun though ^_^

    1. It is right! I am still trying to figure out how to get it.
      Aww I would love to see that! Any pictures?
      Thank you yep it's super fun =D

  2. OMG LOVING THIS!!!! I am soooo going to dye my hair greenish blueish after school is overrrr :D