Friday, 8 March 2013

More Getting Gritty

Barry M Textured Nail Effect
Yep.....I don't have to say anything LOL. I said I would get all 4 and I did XD

So I have already done a review and added some info about these >>here<< but I only had the one colour at the time, the blue one. So now having all 4 I thought I'd just take some pics and tell you what I think of these colours.
And well as I did with the blue Atlantic Road I really REALLY like the colours!

1st coat

2nd Coat

Left to Right:

Atlantic Road,
Station Road, 
Ridley Road,
Kingsland Road

I really do like the colours, and am suprised how well they have come out! If for no other reason im so happy I got them for the colours. 
The effect itself im still getting used to! Lol it's very odd indeed, it's like running your finger along a brick. They dry really quickly but it takes a while for the effect to really come out. I will say if the effect is too much for you you can tone it down with top coat! Either a normal one which would take away the matte effect, but I use a matte top coat so keeps the lovely matte effect and tones down the roughness but still leaves texture just not as rough. So really does leave the best of both worlds.
The Atlantic Road is such a pretty pastel blue! Pale but a strong sky blue.
The Station Road is so amazing! A decent yellow, im so happy. I love the Barry M Lemon Ice Cream but so hard to get on the nail, the lighter the colour the harder it seems to get it on well as they seem to clump and won't dry and AHHH but this is just fab. Also you can see it in the polish jar there is a tiny bit of glitter in it, really a TINY bit but it's so pretty!
The Ridley Road is a Jo Tokyo colour XD. Pale and opaque like the others, very similar on the nail to the Atlantic blue but with enough green in it to be different. Really one of my fav colours so super happy to be able to put on my nails! 
The Kingsland Road is just darling! Not 'baby' pink just pure pale pastel pink. So lush.

 In all I love em! Pale Pastels but Opaque, thats all I ever asked for people of the nail world XD Ummm maybe a purple? And a pale greeny green? Haha Thanks ;p 
But really even if the effect doesn't grab you it does grow on you, and as I said you can tone it down. The rate it drys even with a thick coat is just like the beginning of the world to me with pale colours being a pain in the bum h**e but these are just great.

☆ Thank You So Much For Reading ☆

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  1. The minty one is so pretty, I'm sucker for anything that colour!

    the effect is really starting to grow on me now, I think you might have convinced me to get one!!! ^^