Monday, 24 June 2013

Cotton Candy & Unicorns - Pink Hair Days

So I know I did a post when I did my pink hair but I thought I haven't yet done a mood board post for pink hair!
Plus I recently invested in a different dye *shock* not La Riche?!
Nope, I have got my hands on a salon brand, hopefully longer lasting colour for.....well not much more than the well know directions & manic panic
Pastel Pink
LOVE! Love love love pastel pink hair. Im back there again (after my first go not really going the way I wanted) and after all the different colours i've gone through and all the tips and tricks i've picked up i've finally got the pastel pink I always wanted.

Coral Pink

I couldn't really find many decent pictures of coral pink hair, but i've seen it online or even in person and it's looked stunning! This is kind what im going to head into now, staying pastel pink with a hint of coral but i'll be keeping the brass at bay using purple toner & shampoo, just need to find the right level (see below)

Cotton Candy

Really it's still pastel pink, but I think it's more pinky and just so cute! I've separated it from the pastel cos to me the pastel pinks have a hint of orange in them, but no where near enough to be coral but to take out any purple tones, where as the cotton candy pinks don't. I have read that sometimes blue is used to keep the pink pure (against orange)

Mauve Pink

In my mind a good Mauve pink is a 'is it pink but it could maybe be almost purple'. A cute light pink with a purple tone to it.

Pink to Purple

Of course pink and purple always go well together. Whether its light or dark the two go hand in hand. Purple is the perfect colour to mix with pink, either to keep the two seperate to compliment eachother, to mix together to make anything from Mauve to lavander or (and this is how I use it) to keep the brassy tones at bay using purple toner and shampoo 

Barbie Pink

So i've put 'Barbie' pink but really these are just medium pinks! Hehe

Hot Pink

Hot pink is not something I really like to have on myself but it is a fantastic colour

All the images I used were random ones from tumblr but if it's yours and you want it down or want credit up please just mail me

Going Pink!
So yep I have already done a small post on my pink hair >> HERE << but today I got a whole new product to try out. This way I can make bigger batches of due so it will hopefully last longer.

So I am ALWAYS looking at more tutorials on youtube, you can never pick up enough tips and as I was looking into maybe going a bit coral when a youtuber that I love just happened to post up a new video not 2 days before! Brittany Balyn, style and make-up goddess by coincidence posted a video sporting a stunning pink but it was the products she used I was more interested in.
She posted that the colours she uses are Pravana, A salon brand (in the USA) there is more product per tube. I was really looking for that as having pastel pink I am going through so many pots of the directions it's not even funny and im never happy with the colour when I dilute the darker pinks in conditioner.

I got mine on ebay for A STEAL! Like really, alot cheaper than i've seen manic panic & crazy color dyes, plus the seller was really nice and  helped me get the 3 different colours & combined postage.

See Here ~> Link

I decided to get the exact colours that Brittany used and adding in the same amount she did as it's the first time im trying them, then I can mess with them as I feel like

 Wild Orchid - Magenta - Orange
Even before watching the video I do add purple in (as you all know) and I was already thinking of adding in orange so it just re-affirmed it for me

Sealed up, if you decide to get these to please be careful! If they have been squashed a bit the dye will fly out when you pop the top. I haven't used tube dyes in ages so forgot and was reminded the hard/pink way

So the whole reason I went this way was to make large bulks. I go through so much of it with my super thick hair even these 2 bottles of conditioner won't last long! So I got it all into one bowl and got some containers ready to store

Add tiny blobs at a time

Wild Orchid




All mixed up! So much conditioner to mix it into
Remember the blobs of colour I added would normally be enough for one batch but I am mixing it into 2 bottles! Lol so don't think 'oh that didn't go far, i'll put more in then'

More blobs!

And so you just keep adding blobs until your happy! The final product should be a little darker than your desired colour cos there's so much conditioner in it. I really prefer to do it this way, i've seen alot of tutorials of people putting in alot of dark colour and saying 'it is easy to make it lighter just add more conditioner' but I find it just doesn't work as well

And yeeesss so cute! It is more pink in life and i did go on to make it a little darker as I know what my hair is like but it is a real coral pink, can't wait to try
Will be posting pics on my Instagram & Pinterest
<< EDIT >>
Put it on!! And took some pics

Left it on for a while, like um 3 hours

YAY! With & Without flash, but done inside at night cos it was late when I got around to dry and style haha. PLEASE forgive my make-up-less face

 Again taken at night so sorry for the bad quality but im sure you can see the colours, will take more tomorrow!

And because she is so perfect here is Brittany Balyns video 


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  1. eeeeeeeeeps! All the pinks look amazing! I love the Barbie pink and the pastel pinks too. Your hair looks so pretty :D
    great post hun!

    1. Aww thank you sweety!! I will run out of colours ones day im sure XD

  2. Whaaaoo, LOVE THE PINK HAIR PICS! (Coral pink is my favourite) Love your new hair colour as well! C:

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    1. Yayay!! Thank you
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  3. I love all of those colors!! :) really really nice :)

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