Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Caviar & Sea Shells

So just a small update & new things post
If you are on the Love From Tokyo facebook page you will know that on the weekend I put out an announcement message, if you didn't it just went like this
''Im really sorry there have been no updates on the charm shop, last month my mum and I were given notice that the BA****D landlord had sold our house (we rent) and we were given 2 months to find a new place, which is proving a little more than difficult with dogs (lots of worries & tears tbh)
BUT as soon as we have moved and settled I will get straight back into it! In the mean time i've been playing with shells . It's not finnished (im yet to add a little shimmer =p) but im gunna turn it into a hair pin, so pretty. If you like let me know and I will consider adding them in to! As you can see it's HUGE so they will be rare. If you would like one let me know and I will pick them up as I find them

Lol so yeah I will be keeping you all posted on the charm shop but posts will be going on as usual until I move and won't have internet but just for a little while
But for now stew on this, I dunno if anyone would like them but I love it! And it's not even finnished . I have an idea on how to make them into hair pins and neckalces and will probs do more and in multiple colours and with shimmer &/or glitter and so on

ALSO !! And I was so shocked and happy when I saw this, this months Marie Claire have a free mini Ciate Caviar Set! WHAT?!
I did do a post on the Ciate chalk board nails and was planning on doing one on the caviar nails soon as I just love the look, and now your able to try them out. It's so amazing, run out and get yours now!
The poilish itself is a goregeous colour and so easy to apply! And the caviar is lovely but super tricky. If you do try this out make sure you do it over a bowl and something with a sharp lip like a measure jug, then I made a make shift funnel with some card and got all the excess back in the bottle
Also next months issue will be an eyeko skinny liner so will deffo be grabbing that up!

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  1. ahhhhh the shells look sooooooooooo pretty!!! I would definitely want one in my hair! they are super cute!
    That nail polish effect is so pretty too :)

    1. OMG THANK YOU so much!!! I was thinking 'hmm it's just me that likes it', haha. I have bought some more so would do it whatever colours you want (if you like ^_^)
      IT IS I like it so much, will deffo do a full post in caviar nails

  2. The colours in the caviar are really pretty
    and I really like your shell!


    1. I really like them to, will think about getting a wow pack from them
      And thank you so much! I've collected quite a few so fingers crossed I will get some orders and they can be added to the shop ^_^

      Thanks hunni ~<3

  3. I really like your nails and shell! They are beautiful <3

    1. Aww thank you so much! I've got my hands on some more shells so they will be for sale soon ^_^
      And im taking requests on colours

      Thanks for the lovely comment, I will take a look at your blog to =]

  4. the nail polish colour and caviar beads are beautiful!!!thank you for sharing!♡

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