Wednesday, 24 July 2013

New Location

I've been a busy little bee
The move has just been so stressful and I really wanted to keep posting up to the move but I just couldn't. I don't want to make excuses but I just have not had the time, energy or even the right mind to do any blogging so I am really sorry. Finally the day has come around and I have pretty much single handed packed up my house, me mum & dogs and will be moving TOMORROW!!! It is actually 2 days ahead of what we thought so that has been trouble and the house does not have secure fencing so that has just been a nightmare tyring to sort that out
*takes deep breath*

ANYWAY I am not looking forward to the move as we are doing it rather than getting in movers (needs to be reminded why not) haha but im sure as soon as im in I will be alot happier. I have alot of plans to make it a beautiful home for us and am happy to have alot more space, including a new and much bigger work room! I was stuck it a puny little single bedroom til now, but I never did anything in there I would carry what I was using downstairs so I could keep one eye on my (far too clever) dogs that are always up to something

So I got some pictures last time I went around and thought i'd share my new home and it's nakedness

The Front
Looking quite rough I know but the landlords have weeded the garden since and it is to be re-painted (at some point) and new windows

Entrance Hall
Well originally the front door was the back door and im pretty sure this has all been re-done but as it is the layout is as you walk into the door to your left is a downstair toilet, infront is a unility room and to the right is the kitchen

Utility room
Or rather the new dog room
That large square thing is actually a pre-electricity washing machine. To the front which you can't see in the picture but it's there is a flap where you put wood to burn and under the lid is a hollow bucket shape where you put your water, soap and clothers to beat and wash.
I will put a table top on it and it will be a new grooming table

So to the right is the galley kitchen. Not very big unfortunatly but has a redeeming feature of a pantry. Plus the old brick floor is lovely and will look alot nicer once I get my paint brush going

I love shelves

Living Room
Going through the kitchen you come to the living room. It looks onto the back garden and you can get to the stairs, front door and second living room to the end of the room on the left. It has a working fireplace which is also getting some TLC..........cos it's super ugly

Looking back
There is great cupboard space

The Stairs
Directly at the top of the stairs is a very small and un-interesting bathroom so no pictures but to the right is my new bedroom and to the right is my mums new bedroom and a thrid guest room

Second Living Room
Again At the back of the house, behind the utility room. This is going to be my new work room YAY. So I will be making all my charms and outfits in here
 Bay Window
I will have my work desks under the window so I can see what my dogs are up to in the garden. 6 need alot of watching haha
Fireplace to! And it works

 My Bedroom
It is alot bigger than it looks with a built in wardrobe and alcove space which is just another very large wardrobe so it's great. I think im going to go with a pastel green on the walls and then painting all my furniture pastel pinks, pastel purples and pastel blues (an so on)
 Stood at the back it has 2 lovely huge window the looks out to the front but you can only see a feild which has horses on it half the year

My mums Room
Again a big sized room, only a little smaller than my room (yay I got the bigger one, but I spend more time in my bedroom) Also has a built in wardrobe
 Walked into it another working fireplace and a window looking onto the back garden. It really is bigger than it looks

Guest Room
A decent single bedroom behind my mums room it looks onto the front

Sorry if I went on a bit but I can't wait to get some colour into this place, I can't believe im moving tomorrow!! Im sorry again i've not been active but my net is 'supposed' to be connected on the 31'st so I will do a huge catch up when im back
I have some nail tutorials, nerdy little secrets, zombie unicorn, circle lenses and probs some DIY (seeing as i'll be doing so much of it) to share with you AND OF COURSE the giveaway

☆ Thank You For Reading, I will be back soon ☆
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  1. yeeeeeeeeey your new place looks super cute :D I bet you can't wait to fill your bedroom with cute stuffs ^^
    Really excited to read your new posts and good luck on moving day

  2. Your new place is so unique, imo! It's always so exciting (but frustrating too) moving to a new place! Good luck! C:

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  4. I invite you to join my amazing Romwe Giveaway - Chance to win super hero leggings!

    JOIN NOW! :) (it's Worldwide)

    Love your blog btw :))

  5. I invite you to join my amazing Romwe Giveaway - Chance to win super hero leggings!

    JOIN NOW! :) (it's Worldwide)

    Love your blog btw :))

  6. LOVE the exterior :3 it's very vintage looking and romantic!