Monday, 24 February 2014

It's been....HOW LONG?!

Im sorry!!
Please Forgive me

In my last post which was....I don't want to think about or admit how long ago, I was just about to move to a new house! Yay.......or not! Well that turned to shit!
 We were there not even three days before the nasty old landord who owned the surrounding land and lived close by showed up at our door and told us he wanted us out! He had 'changed his mind' about the dogs, even though we had made it very clear about them and had them included in the tennancy agreement and all sorts but that wasn't good enough. The next day his almost 7 foot tall son came round shouting and swearing at us saying he was gunna 'have us out' and as they had a set of keys (which they are NOT supposed to have but would not hand them over to the agents) we were just so scared to leave the house incase we came back to our stuff being thrown out. Police were involved as to tell THEM they could NOT just come round shouting the odds as they felt like but that did little so for 4 months I was just in a hole. My mum only left to go shopping and we were just so depressed.
Terrified to leave the dogs as they seemed like 'that sort' that wouldn't care if the dogs 'got hurt' we were just at our wits end. To make things worse the agents did NOTHING and we were on our own to find a new place while living in 0 standards, no heating no double glazing and brozen pipes that had the kitchen flodding when we had a bath which was suppoesed to all be fixed before we moved in but of course it wasn't.

Needless to say as im not of 'sound mind' (lol) at the best of times I really was in a bad way, but eventually we begged, borrowed and scrimped together enough money for ANOTHER move and eventually found a lovely place back in Lincoln which is where we wanted to be (not stoopid Gainsborough) with new agents. AND WE LOVE IT HERE! Everything works.....EVERYTHING! Lol so nice. After a period of settling in we are back to a nice life. I can take the dogs out right outside the front door, the agents are nice, the people here are nice and we and the dogs are happy.

Sorry about all that, guess I needed a rant haha, but im happy to say im doing alot better, not the best as during the 'dark days' I developed an eating disorder but im in contact with a nice new doctor who is going to try and help so hope I can sort it out soon but im finally able to get out again and not worry! 

SOOOOO with that all sorted I am going to get back to business! I am sorting the house out and going ebay crazy getting lovely new furniture at bargain prices, making this house our home so when it's all sorted I will do an update/house tour or something!
I have lots of new things I want to share with you guys including house DIY's, skin care, urban decay, lime crime, hair updates and much more!


Also I am getting it set up so I will have a space to make youtube vids and get back to charm making. And not to forget THE GIVEAWAY!! Which is 100% gunna happen and will include lenses and goodies from Zombie Unicorn and Nerdy Little Secrets! And more

I have noticed a few new comments so I will go back and reply, thank you so much for sticking with me and I am so happy to be back!

☆ Thank You For Reading ☆
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  1. oh my gosh hun, i'm so sorry that you've had such a rough time. i can't believe the landlord was so nasty, what an absolute dickhead! i'm so glad that you are in somewhere you like now and getting the help that you need.
    really happy to have you back hun

    1. Hey Kat! Thank you so much sweety I'm so glad to be back. Hope to have everything back to normal soon but in a much better place ^_^. I missed you to and can't wait to see all your updates! ~<3

  2. That's so rude D: Im sorry you had to go through that! But I'm happy you're back, we've missed out!

    1. Thank you hun! I'm so glad to be back and hope to make up for lost time. Thank you for sticking with me ~<3