Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mer-monkey see mer-monkey do

As in mermaid look!

I was minding my own business on youtube when BAM Jingleheartart, a lovely youtuber posted a fab vid of what she has done with her blue/green hair. Triple barrel waver people!! Lol well I know it's not new to people, but it is to me. TBH I did buy one years and years ago and I never ever used it! Then I felt my hair was too short, then I felt it maybe wasn't in the best condition to be doing that to it, but with the colour and condition routine I have I think it's in great condition to be able to do it now and again.

So Straight onto argos app I find a decent waver for a great price! £20 bargain, AND I did not know this when I bought it but it is the same as Jingleheartart

Andrew Barton Making Waves Triple Barrel Hair Waver

So it really was a monkey see monkey do but I really loved the look she came out with AND I think it will look good in whatever pastel hair I do. Problem.... My hair is a bit*h! I have had so much trouble in the past getting it into any shape, it's so thick that the weight of it ruins any form of waves or curls. I can sometimes get away with a wave or a slight curl from using straightners but curlers = no. And I have used heated curlers, also = no lol. So this was a buy and hope it works.

Just after doing. I used Lee stafford argon oil heat protection, then as a last touch added a little more pure argon oil and hair spray throughout then as the day went on all I had to do was use my hands to scrunch it and it would re-difine the waves
I was so pleased!! And they lasted the whole day and into the next, which for my hair is just shocking! I think I used them on heat setting 6 of 10, so to not even have them on full heat and have the waves last all day......worth it!

End of the day

And here is where it all came from. I thought just in case your interested in how to do it I will post this up.

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  1. ahhhh so pretty ^^ kinda want to go crimp my hair now too

    1. Aww thanks sweety! Yeah i deffo think its worth getting, so easy to use and do and lasted really well!

  2. Wow ~ you look cute :D I like this style on you <3


    1. Thanks so nice! Thank you so much :-3