Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Love the Velvetines

 Lime Crime Velvetines RED VELVET Review
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Lime Crime Description ~
The perfect matte red! Rich and velvety, like petals of a rose.

Ground-breaking formula that goes on liquid and dries completely matte. Touch-proof, transfer-proof, long-wearing and utterly addictive!

$20 each
+$10.95 for shipping to the UK
(I also ordered Geradum lipstick finally, but thats another post)


Ok so in true Lime Crime fashion a suprise right from the off. A plain old box turns to magic as soo as you open. I think this is such a nice and caring touch. Inside safe and sound are my new products and delivery only took about two weeks, probably less I forget

Adorable packaging?...YES!


I really didn't know what to expect.. Although I LOVE bright colours sometimes I am too chicken when it comes to myself. Eyes I can go mental but lips...I just never think anything suits me. It is only really REALLY recently that I have started to wear red so it really was a jump in face first getting this. I chose the RED VELVET over the SUEDEBERRY as that one looks more coral red which does not agree with my cool skin tone so please keep that in mind.

Indoor Lighting, One Coat

Once dry no smudge

It is very drying, but to be honest the super matte effect makes up for it and its not like its nothing you can't remedy with good exfoliation and lip care. Plus it's not just smudge proof it's a little soap proof! Haha bit tough to get off but get there in the end
......So far I can see no other cons!

The packaging, The colour, The smell, The consistency, The matte effect, everything.
I find it hard to think of bad things for this product. I knew what I wanted and hoped this would do that...and it did! The matte effect is perfect, even more so it's strong colour just gets deeper with more applications. I don't find that it bleeds out at all even though it comes out as a very thin liquid but it dries so quickly it is hard to get it smudged somewhere else on your face while you are still applying make-up. It is hard to describe but the pigment it just lovely and I don't know how they got such beautiful colour from something that is not heavy at all.
It really is smudge proof once it dries, though I wouldn't recomend getting it wet then trying it out as if you do smudge it you will have to get a tooth brush or scouring pad to get it off lol.

It does have a slight odour, its kinda a bit fruity but 1. products with odour in them don't bother me personally as long as they are nice and 2. it's really not very strong and once dry you can't smell it anymore.

 All in all I am one happy lil bunny! It is the kind of thing you can put on in the morning and it will stick around all day with almost no touch up (depending on how much you eat/drink) but no where near as much as other lip stain type products which I would find myself applying as much as lipstick. That is not the case with this!

I am looking forward to seeing what else they come out with, if they do do MORE colours for this line as the basic product is just wonderful.
Love the matte, love the staying power, love the pigment.

Now all thats left is to pose and pout

There are three shades in all
And now on pre-order three more!
I really want to try wicked now!
Please visit the Lime Crime website for thier amazing products
Do not buy copies
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  1. ahhhhhhh so pretty ^^ i've always wanted to try LimeCrime, might give it a go now hehe

  2. It looks good really cute!!! I always wanted to try that brand of lipstick but know that I saw your review of the the lip gloss and it looks good.
    it has a nice pigment and the color is beautiful.!!!!!! Good review!!! Bye Bye Take care!!